A Look Inside Dakota Johnson's Hollywood Home

Whether you know Dakota Johnson from her role as Anastasia Steele in the "Fifty Shades of Grey" trilogy or one of her more recent films, the actress is one of Hollywood's most recognizable faces. According to The Hollywood Reporter, while Johnson is the daughter of Hollywood A-listers Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson, as well as the granddaughter of Tippi Hedren, she is truly one of a kind and making a name for herself through a series of high-profile acting jobs. 

As an in-demand actress, Johnson is used to traveling for work and spending much of her time on film sets. However, the desire to find a home base led to her purchasing a tranquil pad in Los Angeles in 2016. Johnson opened the doors to her beautiful, midcentury modern house for Architectural Digest, revealing light-filled interiors, amazing bamboo trees, and a sparkling collection of crystals. The actress, who is in a relationship with Chris Martin from Coldplay, definitely has an eye for beautiful interior design and decoration. Keep reading as we follow along for every stop on the dazzling tour.

Johnson's midcentury modern home feels like a serene "tree house" with lots of light and greenery

Originally constructed by architect Carl Maston, Dakota Johnson's home is full of charm and character. According to Architectural Digest, the treehouse is nestled into a quiet cul-de-sac in Los Angeles and surrounded by a variety of lush green trees. There are three large front doors built into one wall of the living area, making it easy to welcome guests into the space. The back wall is made of floor-to-ceiling glass doors, which lead out to a pool and spacious outdoor area and add a lot of light to the home. 

Prior to Johnson, the property was owned by producer Ryan Murphy. Now, Johnson has made it her own with a variety of eclectic design and furniture choices, including unique artwork, mementos, and personal knickknacks. Her home reflects her unique tastes while showcasing items she has accumulated over the years while traveling. 

The living room is the place where everyone hangs out

Stepping into the living room, the focus on comfort and beauty is evident. There's a sumptuous sofa covered in crushed mohair, a glass coffee table with a bamboo base, and a vintage Wurlitzer piano. There are also beautiful potted plants, a large rug, and plenty of framed artwork adorning the walls. This is the room where Johnson spends the most time with friends and family, lounging on the couch or listening to records.

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Johnson's extensive record collection features plenty of hits

To one side of the living room is a set of cabinets filled with Johnson's amazing record collection, which she regularly keeps in rotation. On top of the table is a record player, along with some framed pictures leaning against the wall and a retro-looking lamp.

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Johnson built the beautiful shelves in her home office

Dakota Johnson's eclectic home office is a place for meetings, reading scripts, and creative thinking. The actress built the bookshelf into the wall herself, and now uses it for displaying a wide range of art and books. One shelf alone holds books sent to her by musician Patti Smith, photographs, a wax mushroom, a framed Chanel photo, and a book called "Sex and the Constitution." One could easily get distracted when working in this room!

If you would like to go the same route as Johnson and build your own bookshelf, it doesn't take too much effort. According to This Old House, the project should take a total of eight hours and cost between $200 and $500. The least expensive way to make the shelves is with some veneer plywood and a circular saw. Adding wood trim to cover the plywood will help shelves get a library-worthy look.

Unique artwork graces the walls

Elsewhere in Dakota Johnson's home office, you'll find a wood desk, armchair, guitar, and plenty of framed photos with sentimental value. One photo is a portrait of Hunter S. Thompson, a friend of Johnson's dad, while another shows girls in a marching band in South Africa. Plus, there's a photo of Johnson's grandmother (who famously starred in Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds") with one of her tigers. Talk about a unique, eclectic mix! 

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A glass dining room table makes a statement

The light-filled dining room feels open and airy, thanks in part to the glass dining table. Johnson wanted to go for a glass table in order for the rug and outside light to take center stage. The unique chairs, light fixture, and white curtains also help dress up the space. 

While many people tend to prefer a wooden table for their dining room, glass tables can be a good way to open up a small space and add character. According to Foter, glass can enhance the brightness of a room and create the illusion of more space since the material does not restrict the view. Additionally, it's easy to keep clean, and there are plenty of different shapes and styles out there to choose from. However, keep in mind that glass tables do need to be cleaned more regularly and that they can be a safety hazard in the event of an accident.

Beautiful crystals project good energy into the home

A big fan of crystals, Dakota Johnson has many glittering gems displayed around her home. From small gems decorating a dining room mantel to a toddler-sized quartz in a corner of the living room, there are plenty of good vibes to go around in the house. One of her favorite crystals even contains a dandelion flower. According to Better Homes and Gardens, decorating with crystals is an ideal way to add some sparkle to your living space. Plus, many people believe that these stones offer powerful healing benefits and can be used to enhance the energy in a room. For centuries, crystals have been used in medicine and magic.

If you're wondering which stones are best for use in the home, some great starter crystals include amethyst, rose quartz, selenite, black tourmaline, shungite, and clear quartz. These stones help cleanse negative energy, whether you place them in a living room or display them on a bookshelf.  

Johnson painted her kitchen cabinets a cool shade of olive green

Dakota Johnson's cute and cozy kitchen pops with olive-green cabinets, white tile work, a tray of limes, and a stunning plant in a head-shaped sculpture. Johnson loves cooking and baking, and the kitchen is always kept well-stocked with tea and coffee. The actress painted the cabinets herself after moving into the home. According to This Old House, painting the cabinetry is a great way to freshen up a kitchen while saving a healthy chunk of change. Depending on how many cabinets need to be painted, the entire project shouldn't cost much more than $200 and will likely take about a weekend to complete.

To start, you will need to prepare the space by clearing the cabinets, surrounding countertops, and any furniture in the area you will be painting. After completing the necessary prep, prime your cabinets and let them dry before sanding, caulking, and filling surfaces. Once you're ready to paint, you should aim for two coats if you are painting cabinets in a color similar to their existing shade. If you're painting kitchen cabinets in a lighter color, three coats might be necessary. 

The coolest dishes are displayed in the glass cabinets

One of the most unique details in Johnson's kitchen is the pretty dishware displayed in her glass cabinets. From plates and mugs to teapots and bowls, the cabinets hold a variety of dishes. According to Better Homes and Gardens, showcasing your favorite dishes in the kitchen is a fun and inexpensive way to decorate and add character. 

There are plenty of ways to show off your dishes, whether in glass cabinets like Johnson, or by making use of open shelving, wall displays, or traditional plate racks. If you have open shelving, dishes are perfect for dressing up other decorative pieces on your shelves. Kitchen islands and high shelves also make ideal dish storage spots. When it comes to choosing specific pieces to display, select plates that pair well with your kitchen's color palette and existing style. If you wish to showcase bright and colorful dishes, it's best to present them against a neutral background color such as light gray.

The outdoor table and chairs are made from the wood of Winston Churchill's yacht

A variety of unique sights and design elements await in Johnson's outdoor living area. One of the main highlights is the wooden table and chair set nestled into a corner of the space. In an interesting turn of events, this set is actually made from the wood of Winston Churchill's yacht. As reported by Time, it's not exactly the most functional furniture since some of the chairs wobble, but it still makes for a good story to tell guests.

While outdoor furniture is typically seen as being temporary since it faces harsh elements like wind, rain, and sun, there is still value in owning vintage or antique furnishings for your outside spaces (via The Spruce). Many people collect vintage patio furniture from a variety of companies. Rattan, Ames Aires, and Brown Jordan are all popular collectible brands to look out for if you want to add a cool edge to your home.

The lemon tree Johnson planted when she first moved in is now flourishing

Johnson keeps things fresh in her backyard with a lemon and an orange tree, both full of fresh citrus fruits. The actress first planted these trees when she moved into the home, and now they are blossoming. Her green thumb has not been as successful in the rest of the garden, however. While there's a patch of earth meant for an herb garden, Johnson has yet to plant anything in it.

According to Eco Outdoor, lemon trees are one of the best and simplest trees you can grow. They thrive in small or large plots and have the potential to provide you with fresh citrus right at home. When planting a lemon tree, be sure that it's in a spot that receives plenty of sunlight. If you live somewhere that gets cold during the winter months, it's best to keep the lemon tree next to a wall or in a pot that can be moved indoors.

Elsewhere, amazing outdoor furniture sets the scene for socializing and entertaining

One of the best parts about Johnson's backyard is the ample space she has for entertaining. To make these areas fit for hosting guests and having parties, she added plenty of seating and gathering spots. There's the fire pit with comfortable lounge chairs, as well as a table set and decorative chairs arranged by the pool. According to Homes & Gardens, outdoor furniture has the power to completely change your backyard and make it fit for dinner parties, relaxation, and conversations under the stars.

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Johnson swims in her heated pool all the time

Even living in sunny Los Angeles, Dakota Johnson still finds plenty of benefits to having a heated pool in her backyard. Whether diving in first thing in the morning or taking afternoon laps, her pool is one of her favorite places to be. A set of stairs also leads up to a stunning hot tub for relaxing outdoor soaks.

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Johnson is in a war with her neighbors over the bamboo growing in the backyard

One of the funniest parts of Johnson's home tour is the feud she has with her neighbors over the tall bamboo growing in her backyard. Despite requests to cut down the bamboo, she likes the privacy provided by the sky-high tree. Bamboo is not the only plant growing in her backyard. There are also some gorgeous flowers and potted plants lining the back wall.

If you love the look of bamboo and would like to plant some in your backyard like Johnson, be sure to weigh the pros with the cons first. As reported by Gardenista, bamboo is a cool plant that works wonders at providing a natural privacy screen on one's property. However, the wild tree grows very quickly and can spread into areas where you might not want it, even becoming invasive depending on the location. To stop it from taking over your yard, plant it in a large pot or be sure to select a variety that grows in clumps.