15 Versatile IKEA Outdoor Furniture That Look Great Inside

Can you use outdoor furniture inside? Of course! We actually highly recommend it. For starters, you'll notice that outdoor furniture is oftentimes much more affordable than furnishing meant for indoor use, so, this design tactic can be a useful option for those on a tight budget. Additionally, the materials used to construct outdoor furniture are typically more durable. This means that if you purchase an outdoor sofa that can handle moisture and sun damage, it surely can also withstand indoor conditions and the messy tendencies of children and pets.

However, grabbing a random patio set and plopping it into your living room will likely look out of place. So, we've gathered 15 different outdoor furniture pieces from Ikea we believe will complement your interior décor. From tables to chairs and storage systems, taking a look at Ikea's diverse outdoor collection may offer some valuable decorative inspiration for your indoor space.

1. Farmhouse dining table

The outdoor Norrmansö table from Ikea would be a stunning addition to a rustic or farmhouse-themed dining room. It can sit up to six people and is made of acacia — a strong and naturally durable wood. However, we especially adore the herringbone tabletop pattern. It's currently priced at $549.

2. Campsite vibes

The Sommarlånk — a mason jar-themed table lamp, is sure to create cozy campfire vibes if placed in various areas of the home. It also comes with a handle, which makes it easy to transport to other locations. The current price is $12.

3. Perfect for a small space

Having trouble designing a small dining space? We suggest checking out Tärnö — a small dining set designed with wood slats and steel accents. We believe it will work best in a small apartment placed by a window to offer a charming, European feel. The price is $99.

4. Front entry bench

Although the Äpplarö bench is meant for outdoor use, it could also be placed inside a foyer where guests and family can sit down and put on their shoes. The brown-stained finish is also perfect for warming up a space and creating a cozier vibe. Currently, it's available for $125.

5. Outdoor shelf turned bookshelf

The Läckö outdoor steel shelf can easily be implemented in an office setting or small living room to store books or other types of accessories. Additionally, the finish and curvy structure provide a French nouveau vibe, which can be used to complement similar furnishings. The price is $99.

6. Versatile shelving units

The wooden Tordh shelving unit can be used in a variety of ways, such as a coffee bar, an office storage system, or a playroom necessity that holds all of your child's toys, especially with the help of a few baskets. It's currently priced at $175.

7. A trendy design

Dark green is likely one of the most popular colors right now in terms of interior design, so we couldn't help but also feature the earth-toned, woven metal Segerön chair. If you're worried about comfortableness, you can easily plop down a cushion that helps tie in this product with your interior aesthetic. The price is $120. 

8. Kitchen island bar stool

Is your kitchen island prone to spills and messes? If so, you'll need something durable to withstand a messy environment, such as the metal Segerön bar stool. It's currently $120, and its powder-coated steel frame makes it a durable choice for the kitchen. However, be sure to choose a stain-resistant cushion to go with it.

9. A studio apartment must have

Those living in a studio apartment understand the difficulty of separating each functional space, such as a living room and work area. So, the Nämmarö privacy screen can be used to do that while also maintaining a sense of openness due to the gaps between the wooden slats. The price is $95.

10. Rocking chair

The Bondholmen rocking chair is another farmhouse decorative moment. It's a charming piece that can be placed in a living room or some sort of sunroom. Additionally, it's made of eucalyptus, which makes it impervious to damage from accidental spills. The price is $249.

11. A seat and storage system

The Sollerön is both a stool and storage system, which makes it a handy option for a family room. The top can be lifted to store blankets, board games, or other items related to the space. It's currently priced at $110.

12. Durable sofa

If you have children and pets at home, the Sollerön outdoor sofa may be able to withstand their destructive habits. It's priced at $710 and is built with anti-slip dots to ensure the cushions don't easily slide off. It's also resistant to water damage, making it easy to care for.

13. A pop of color

The crimson red, outdoor Sommarlånke pendant can be used to incorporate a pop of color in the kitchen by installing it above the dining table or placing a few above an island. The price is $50.

14. Wall sconce

If you're in need of some modern hallway lighting, we recommend taking a look at the black, Grönspröt wall sconce, which shines light upwards and downwards and is only $35.

15. Plant mister

The Gradvis plant mister features a gold and glass finish that creates a beautifully elegant design. Keeping it outside and not somewhere in your home would just waste its stunning details. The price is $15.