The Best Crystals To Place At The Entryway Of Your Home

Are you thinking about using crystals in your entryway? Before you can benefit from their properties, you'll have to choose the right ones for you. Once you know which type of crystal you need, the next step is to pick out the exact stone. There are no rules when handpicking a crystal, but you should use your intuition. Many stones come tumbled, cut into shapes, or raw. That choice depends on what you prefer.

When you're at a crystal shop, you need to pay attention to what you feel as you pass by the stones. First, rub the palms of your hands together and take some deep breaths to release any blocked energy. Then select the crystals that stand out to you and see if you sense any vibrations by holding them in your non-dominant hand. The stone that's right for you will resonate with you. There are no wrong answers, but if you want to protect your home and keep out negative energy, here are some of the best crystals to choose from.

Crystals for protection

Placing crystals in your entryway is the optimal way to protect your home. Hematite is very powerful and known for its grounding energy. By using it, you can expect tranquility and peaceful energy in your home. Black tourmaline is a very popular crystal to place in this location. It'll protect your home and neutralize any negative energy that manages to enter because it has healing vibrations.

Citrine can also protect your house by placing it in the entryway. Not only will it bring positive energy inside, but it can also shield negative people from entering. Amethyst is another crystal you can include. It creates a spiritual environment with emotional security so you can feel at peace. Like citrine, it will protect your home and promote good energy. These two crystals are great additions to your entryway since they add a pop of color to the aesthetics, while the others are shades of black and gray.

Crystals that dissolve negative energy

If you want to keep negative energy out of your home, black obsidian is the crystal for you. It prevents these energies from going into your house or even reaching your yard, so even any harmful powers from the environment won't be able to affect you. In fact, black obsidian is one of the strongest stones you could choose from for this purpose. For it to essentially form a shield over your home, you'll need to place it in your entryway. This is the best location because it stops the negative energy from entering.

Smoky quartz is another option. It's a grounding crystal, so it will protect your home if placed in your entryway. When negative energy is trying to go through your front door, smoky quartz will neutralize it. It will also ward off any psychic attacks or harmful electromagnetic waves. Just don't forget to set your intentions with the crystal before placing it in your entryway.