How To Achieve Sharp Bed Corners According To HGTV's Rajiv Surendra

Trying to make your bed and have it appear as crisp and clean as possible isn't easy when you don't know the right techniques. They say smoothing out your sheets and fluffing your pillows is a good way to start your morning, but it can put a damper on your day if it looks just as sloppy as when you rolled out of bed. Luckily, HGTV's Rajiv Surendra — who you may best know as Kevin Gnapoor from "Mean Girls" — has revealed an easy tutorial on how to fold mitered corners, also known as hospital corners, per HGTV.

It's a simple technique you can do every morning to create tight and clean corners similar to that of a luxury hotel. However, not only is knowing the right technique important, but also using the best type of bed sheets. For instance, choosing something that is wrinkle-resistant can make this chore seemingly painless when the fabric is smooth rather than crinkled. So, along with this tutorial, we'll also let you know the type of bedding material you should consider using.

The technique

To achieve mitered corners, Rajiv Surendra says you must start off by laying down your top sheet over your bed as you normally would, per YouTube. Then, lift up the mattress and gently tuck the fabric underneath the bottom of the bed. Once you've tightly secured your sheet, there should be extra fabric hanging from both the left and right sides. Now, you can choose whichever side to start on and begin the mitered corner technique by lifting the fabric a few inches away from the bottom of the bed to form a triangle shape.

Then, grab the bottom of the triangle and tuck it underneath the mattress, letting the top portion fall over the bed. Next, pull this section of fabric tightly as you also tuck it underneath. Once you're done on one side, repeat the process on the other. After the task is complete, you should be left with elegantly folded corners that will make bedtime a cozier experience.

The best sheets to use

As we stated before, not only will learning a bed-making technique give your sleeping chambers a better appearance, but also using the correct type of sheets. We recommend finding anything that is considered wrinkle-free, such as fabric made of bamboo. This type of material is typically very resistant to creasing and will ensure your bed will have a very smooth and comfy-looking image. There are even bamboo sheet options that can be tossed directly onto the bed right after tumbling in the dryer while still providing an extravagant look.

Sheets made of 100% cotton are also a good choice to ensure a smooth finish for your bed. There are even options constructed with a sateen weave, which provides a silky touch. And similar to bamboo, this fabric does not need to be ironed before being fitted onto the bed. There are also affordable microfiber options for those who want wrinkle-free bedding without breaking the bank.