The TikTok Garbage Bag Hack And If It's Worth Listening To

How do you replace your trash bags? TikTok creators Stored Simply discovered a method that they claim is the only correct way to do this chore. Their "hat method" is simple enough: All you need to do is slightly open the bag, put it over the top of your trash can (sort of like a chef's hat), and press it down so that it lines the can. Their reasoning for creating the hack is also easy to understand; since many trash bag manufacturers create a product that features seams on the outside, using their method will result in interior seams.

On the other hand, most people use the "fluffing method" to complete this chore. This is where you peel the top slightly apart and then flap it up and down so air fills the bag before shoving it into the trash can. Even though this is the most common option, it might not be the best. For one, you make a lot of loud noise when opening the bag. More importantly, however, this technique requires the strength to shake your arms up and down. Thus, the tried and true method is not only guaranteed to frighten your cat but is much more difficult for people with mobility issues. 

Some still prefer the fluffing method

After Stored Simply posted their TokTok about replacing a garbage bag, many users quickly jumped into the comment section. Lots of people agreed that while impractical and strenuous, the fluffing method is their preferred way to complete this chore. In fact, they love shaking the bag in the air and making lots of noise because it's an outlet to get out all of their frustration. Meanwhile, some were ready to make the switch. Those users were only mad that they were just discovering an alternative method after fluffing their trash bags for decades.

One commenter weighed in on the hack's usefulness, citing professional experience. "I worked in a plastic bag factory. Hate to be the one to break it to you — they are not inside out. But I guess it doesn't really matter," Tim said. Since a minor controversy arose over this hack, Glad Products spokesperson Chris Neel provided some insider perspective (via Snopes). "Placing the seams on the inside, versus outside, does not do anything to increase the strength [or] durability of a bag," Neel explained. "Also, we have quite a few bags that feature scents or odor elimination technology, and those elements are incorporated specifically into the inside of the bag, so reversing the bag actually lessens those elements from activating."

Hefty says there's no wrong way to use a trash bag

Does it matter how you put your garbage bags into the can? According to Hefty, it doesn't. While TikTok creators like Stored Simply claim the hat option is the right way to replace them, there isn't one proper method. It won't hurt to try putting the bag into your trash can this way, but if you find it's more work than before, you don't have to change your ways.

If you do choose to use the hat method, Hefty recommends making one modification to your trash can. When you put the bag in like this, air can get trapped under it. This takes up valuable space and causes the sack to only get partially filled. To prevent this from happening, drill a small hole near the bottom of the can. Then the air can escape, and the bag can completely line the bin.