Bring Clear Quartz Into Your Home For Its Healing Properties

Feng shui practice in home design is all about the free movement of energy, of chi, among your spaces to maximize your own sense of flow and calmness. These forces and their dynamics can be hindered by what we bring into our homes and where we place them. Crystals, which can amplify and reinforce certain frequencies and energy fields, can readily be part of arranging your home's décor and design for maximum effect. Feng shui expert Heather Askinosie tells MyDomaine that feng shui and crystals are a great match since both can "shift and transform the energy of your space."

As materials drawn from the earth and aligned with one of the principal feng shui elements of metal, quartz crystals, in particular, are a great element to add to your home to increase the presence and balance of all elements. White quartz, or its more transparent variety, clear quartz, is one of the most common crystals utilized in feng shui contexts, largely because it can amplify other elemental objects, crystals, and stones.

What clear quartz can do

A colorless and odorless crystal, clear or white quartz is plentiful and can be found all over the globe. Its properties include amplifying energy and flow, healing, protection, purification, emotional stability, clarity, and new perspective. Many also believe that it can amplify your own existing psychic abilities. In addition, negative or harmful energies can often be combatted by clear quartz. 

When placed near other crystals, particularly other quartz like amethyst, rose quartz, and tiger's eye, white quartz can enhance the energies and properties of those stones as well, including self-love, friendship, and intuition. White or clear quartz makes a great beginner stone if you are starting a collection and a perfect housewarming gift. With its clear or neutral tone, this transparent quartz fits several décor schemes and color palettes and can be visually stunning and sophisticated in large and small doses. Consider classic raw stone or sculptured objects made from quartz, like candle holders, lamp bases, animal figures, small statues, and decorative boxes.

Where to use it

Clear quartz's ability to amplify chi and energy makes it one of the most versatile crystals for any room in the home. Try placing clear quartz in your kitchen on a pantry shelf or near the fridge, where it will amplify culinary creativity and purify the air. Since clear quartz makes a good companion to feng shui's idea of dui, the contentment associated with children and future planning, it's great for family spaces, nurseries, or children's rooms.

Clear or white quartz both increases precision and focus, as well as encourages completion. This makes it a fitting addition to home offices and other spaces where you are trying to be productive. Heather Askinosie says via MyDomaine, "By elevating thoughts and perspectives, it will help manifest your intentions like never before," Similarly, white quartz can bring physical focus and momentum, making a perfect crystal for spaces like meditation areas and home fitness set-ups.