15 Stylish Shower Shelves That Add Storage To Your Bathroom (Without Looking Like A College Dorm)

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Keeping your bathroom organized may seem like an endless chore. However, you can make your life a lot easier and keep the area from becoming an untidy disaster zone by adding extra storage. That might include a shower shelf for your shampoo and conditioner bottles as well as soap, sponges, and whatever else you might need while enjoying a functional and peaceful shower space. Granted, although this is a practical item, you'll surely want one that is stylish as well.

In order to end up with the perfect shower shelf, you can first think about what you'll be storing in it and how much space they'll each require. On top of that, the piece will need to fit nicely in your shower. If you intend to hang up the shelf, then be sure to check the weight and make sure your wall or showerhead can handle it — also, don't forget to account for the products that will be placed inside and add to the weight.

Of course, a shower shelf should also be easy to set up, as well as hang or attach, so that you don't have to worry about it falling down. For that same reason, the shelf should be well-made and feature materials that can both stand up to water and be quick to clean.

As for wanting your shower shelf to add to your bathroom's aesthetic, we have some irresistible ideas that you definitely need to check out.

1. Shelf with a vintage look

Whether you want your bathroom to have an antique look or are simply attracted to elegant décor, you might find your interest piqued by this Vintage 7-Inch Swivel Soap and Sponge Holder, which could surely hold much more. Available with brushed nickel, polished brass, or oil-rubbed bronze finishes, this item sells for $110.

2. Stainless steel corner wall shelf

While we'd call this shelf sleek, minimalistic, and contemporary, IKEA calls it the BROGRUND. With a relatively straightforward design that fits neatly in a corner of your shower, this option, which is listed at $29.99, has both hooks and shelves. The latter also has handy holes in the bottom to let water drain out.

3. Adjustable shower shelf

The Simplehuman® 21.25" Shower Caddy may be a little pricier than other options at $99.99, however, not only is this a rust-proof extra-large version but it also offers you a unique design. Along with shelves that are different sizes, you can change things up by adjusting each one higher or lower as well as outward if wanted.

4. Black metal shower shelf

The Malibu Metal Outdoor Shower Caddy may work in a backyard shower, however, there's no doubt it would suit an indoor bathroom as well. Sold for $149, the steel, which has a powder-coated finish, includes a spacious shelf and arms that can be used to hang the item over a shower door.

5. Vine design shower shelf

A practical piece that features a hook as well as suction cups to put it up, the Vine Bathroom Shower Caddy, which costs $33.49, is also a wide option with both shelves and hooks. Of course, what you likely notice first is the artistic vine design and bronze finish.

6. Slanted silver-finish shower shelves

Boasting a unique set-up and a silver finish, the iDESIGN The Verona Collection Steel Hanging Shower Caddy, which costs $27.99, puts a little twist — or slant — on normal shelves. The angled sections are ideal for your various bottles while there are also two flat areas and four hooks for soap, sponges, and loofahs.

7. Multipurpose shower shelf

For $25.99, the Deluxe Flex Shower Caddy offers quite a bit. The chic black look will not only enhance any contemporary space but also has a place to hang a razor, a cup to hold your bath brush, and even a mirror. As if that's not enough, each piece can be removed and placed in another spot.

8. Art deco shower shelf

The HapiRm Shower Caddy Shelf would certainly look fabulous in a modern bathroom, however, it would also suit something with an older style. For instance, its Art Deco-like design would add a gorgeous touch to a retro space. That's not to mention the fact that it's wonderfully functional and sold for just $19.59.

9. Two-piece shower shelves

For $18.99, the CHERISHGARD Stainless Steel Bathroom Shower Shelves are sold as a pair. Depending on your preference, the shelves with a V-shaped front can either be put up together with one on top of the other or side-by-side, on opposite walls, or in pretty much any way that suits both you and your shower.

10. Chrome and bamboo shower shelf

The Better Homes & Gardens Shower Caddy with Bamboo Shelves, which costs shoppers $36.96, is both simple and stunning. With a contemporary shape made of rust-proof aluminum that's been given a cool satin chrome finish, the wooden base of each shelf adds a warm natural touch.

11. Slender teak shower shelf

Just because you don't have a large shower doesn't mean you have to sacrifice storage or style. For instance, the Moa Hanging Shower Caddy has been made with necessary space-saving spaces in a slim form. Sold for $89.95, the teak wood piece also has a stainless steel rim to keep your bottles and sponges secure.

12. Hanging bamboo shower shelves

The Hanging Bamboo Shower Caddy from Crew & Axel is another sleek option that could suit a variety of bathrooms. Sold for $45.01, the wood, which won't succumb to water or mold, has a smooth surface with a slight shine. The shelves have attractive open slats on the front as well as cute knobs for hooks.

13. Oval teak shower shelves

Although it makes sense to keep shower shelves flat, the entire piece doesn't have to stick with straight lines. Just take a peek at Red Barrel Studio's Gospava Hanging Shower Caddy. Found for $98.99, the teak has been given an oval shape with curved sections that are also in the same rich-colored wood.

14. Glass and metal shower shelf

An ideal choice for a bathroom with an industrial vibe, the Ivailo Adhesive Shower Caddy costs $42.99. Brushed silver metal anchors the item both physically and visually while it also makes up the towel rack and attached hooks. As for the glass, it's thick and tempered so is sturdy, safe, and chic.

15. Shower shelf with diamond details

The Luchiana Shower Caddy may be made of stainless steel, however, it's the diamond-shaped details on the front of each level that set it apart. At $32.99, this piece is a simple way to add additional charm to your bathroom.