29 Statement Headboards For Your Bedroom Accent Piece

Creating a unique bedroom requires the following essential decorative accents; a stunning light fixture, beautiful artwork, and, most important of all, an eye-catching headboard. However, with so many styles available, finding something to complement your space can take time and effort. And with interior design trends constantly coming and going, the stress of choosing a product without comprising the aesthetic of your home has become an increasingly stressful situation. Although shiplap has been a consistently popular material, would you choose it as a headboard for a modern bedroom? Neither would we. So, what other options will best suit your space?

If you're unsure, we've created a list containing 29 statement headboards that will elevate the design of your bedroom. The following list exhibits products of various styles and unique features that can connect with the rest of your décor while creating a focal point if you desire. We'll also explain what other accent pieces can be incorporated to accentuate its beauty.

1. Neutral yet captivating

The Aniayah Upholstered Headboard from Wayfair is currently about $640 and is a stunning piece that can be used in more traditionally designed spaces, such as farmhouse or French country. Here, it beautifully complements blue and other gray tones, and we believe hanging floral artwork nearby will pull the space together.

2. Excellent for the Scandinavian aesthetic

Scandinavian designs are typically simple, neutral, and minimal. However, the Lenia Oleander Headboard Cushion Set from Article is an excellent way to make simple appear more interesting. These floating cushions attach to a wooden frame with leather straps. The price is $199 for the cushions and an additional $999 for the Lenia Bed.

3. Ocean waves

The Clementine headboard from Lulu and Georgia captivates us with its sculpted, wavy shape top. It's priced at $798 for a queen size and can be used to break up a bedroom designed mostly with straight lines. 

4. Dimensional shape

Take the wavy furniture trend a step further by incorporating a more dimensional furniture piece, such as the Aria headboard from Urban Outfitters. It's priced at $599 and would look best in a modern or contemporary bedroom.

5. Bohemian texture

The Elodia Rattan Headboard from Birch Lane can be used to complete the design of a bohemian-themed bedroom. The variation in graining and placement direction amplifies the uniqueness of this design and would perfectly pair with other rattan décor. The price is $330.

6. Half circle medallion

If your bedroom has a more relaxed, chill vibe with a mattress that sits on the floor, this wall-mounted headboard from Etsy is sure to create a beautiful focal point while also harmonizing with surrounding accent pieces. The price is $269. 

7. Abstract art

Those who are fans of abstract art may appreciate the elegant and alluring design of the Matthew Headboard from All Modern, currently priced at $880. The white squiggly pattern against a neutral backdrop is especially beneficial to those who need something that won't clash with more vibrant hues.

8. Chinoiserie

Chinoiserie is a gorgeous pattern that dates back to the 17th century, and this headboard featuring a peaceful mountain landscape captures the historic essence of this design. This product from Oriental Furnishings can have a significantly positive impact on a bedroom designed with other floral accents. The price is $1,014.

9. Fit for royalty

The Ordway Modern Headboard from Wayfair is priced at $527. It is designed with comfortable velvet upholstery you can sit against while admiring the gleaming gold accents, which can conveniently complement similar finishes in your bedroom.

10. Add height

An easy way to turn your headboard into a statement piece is by introducing something tall, such as the Grid Tufted Wall Mounted Headboard from West Elm. Not only does it add height, but also texture and a sense of coziness. We also believe it would suit a space with hygge-themed furniture. The price starts at $539.

11. Woven leather

The Augusto Woven Headboard from Grandin Road is $599 and an excellent choice for rustic and farmhouse-themed homes, especially if you need to introduce a new material like leather to break up a space likely filled with wood furnishings. 

12. Animal print

This Maurice Animal-Print Headboard from Neiman Marcus stands out in so many ways; from the cheetah print pattern to the shape and the texture of the metal studs, it's sure to be an eye-catching piece in any bedroom. The price is $1,600.

13. Stunningly vintage

Vintage enthusiasts will adore the distressed, carved medallion design of this headboard from Virginia Furniture Market. The faux white wash finish can be used to complement other older décor pieces from your vintage collection. The price is about $360.

14. Built-in nightstands

Not only is the shape and color of the Almelo Headboard from Article a magnificent statement piece, but it's also quite functional. It's priced at $799 and features two floating, built-in nightstands where you can place your lamps and other bedroom accessories. 

15. Chevron pattern

Chevron patterns are a classic design often seen in rustic, farmhouse, and even contemporary-themed homes. The $435 Piero Chevron Headboard from English Elm would pair well with various types of finishes and colors. 

16. Purely French country

Although some previously listed options have details similar to the French country aesthetic, this one from Wayfair hits it right on the nose. Everything from the distressed wood, tufted upholstery, and carved floral details makes this a wonderful option to pair with a crystal chandelier and white drapery. The price is about $562.

17. Cute and retro

The Paloma Retro Metal Headboard from Raymour & Flanigan is about $320, and it's an adorable option for those committed to establishing retro vibes in their bedroom.

18. Wrap around headboard

Take your headboard game to the next level by introducing something like the Rina Wood Wrap Around Headboard from Target, which features two panels that cover the top ends of your bed. The price is about $230.

19. Beautiful pattern and high contrast

The Kory Metal Headboard from Ashley Furniture features a stunning quatrefoil pattern that looks like artwork when placed against the wall. The price is $266, and we believe setting this headboard in a bedroom with walls painted a light hue will create an exciting contrast.

20. Pretty in pink

We can all agree that pink is a glorious color that is both soothing and elegant, and the Cecchino Upholstered Headboard from Wayfair embodies those notions with its scalloped edge and channel tufting. The price is $371.

21. A headboard and shelf

The Leaning Over-The-Bed Storage Headboard from Urban Outfitters is priced at $429 and is a fun and unique way to put your decorative items on display. 

22. Chocolate

The Mccaskill Solid Wood Headboard from Wayfair exhibits an impressive dimensional, geometric pattern that would be an ideal choice for a modern bedroom. We believe it could complement stone furnishings made of marble or concrete. The price is $730.

23. Marble accent

Sometimes a statement piece only needs a minor accent to break through from your surrounding décor. For example, a touch of elegance is added to the Hudson Court headboard from Target by adding a marble background to its shelving. The price is currently $240.

24. Vibrant hue

An easy way to turn your headboard into a statement piece is by choosing a brighter hue, such as the Stella Upholstered Headboard from Birch Lane, which features a beautiful shade of mustard yellow. The price is $860.

25. Victorian era

The Hughes Tufted Headboard from Neiman Marcus is currently $3,050 and is a handcrafted piece that would make a lovely addition to a Victorian-era-styled bedroom. 

26. Plaid

Although plaid may not be the most exciting pattern, it can become a beautiful statement piece when combined with sophisticated features. For instance, the Hugh Headboard from Caitlin Wilson is constructed with blue and white plaid upholstery wrapped in a detailed wooden frame with acorn ornaments. It's a lovely choice for a traditionally designed home. The price is $1,598.

27. Swirls of rattan

The Swirl Headboard from One Kings Lane is a soothing, contemporary work of art featuring rattan material formed into beautiful and harmonious swirls. The price is $1,945.

28. Organic shape

The Kadence Headboard from Lulu and Georgia is $998, and it showcases a stunningly organic shape and deep forest green color. It would make a fantastic addition to a bedroom filled with natural hues and finishes and would pair well with a wooden bed frame. 

29. Modern design

Although wingback headboards are typically seen in more traditional designs, the modern pattern of the Mauro Headboard from Wayfair makes this piece a unique option for creating an updated look for your bedroom. The price is $880.