The Oversized Bedding Hack That Promises To Hide Your Bed Frame

Typically, to hide the bed frame and anything that's stored underneath the bed, most homeowners resort to using a bed skirt. However, rather than use this (what some might call) outdated item, you could instead spread an oversized comforter or duvet over the mattress. This simple bedding hack will come with all the same benefits as a skirt, as it's long enough to reach the floor on all sides of the bed.

When choosing the right-sized bedding to hide your bed frame, it's typically best to only size up once, so the bedding doesn't pool on the floor. For instance, if you have a full mattress, purchase a queen comforter, or if you have a queen mattress, buy a king comforter. Those with a king or a California king should get XL king bedding, which measures 120 by 120 inches. This will provide your bed with a cozier and more put-together appearance.

However, keep in mind you only want to buy a larger comforter or duvet and throw blankets but not sheets or pillowcases, as these need to fit your bed perfectly.

Benefits of oversized bedding

Using oversized bedding will provide your bedroom with a professionally designed appearance. This is because the photographs of bedrooms you see in store catalogs or on social media typically use this hack, as it makes the bed appear larger. Therefore, a long comforter or duvet that hides the bed frame will aesthetically benefit your space by making your home appear more luxurious.

It'll also benefit you practically, as making the bed will be much easier; instead of having to tuck your comforter into your bed frame, you'll be able to simply toss it over the mattress. Further, those who share the bed with someone else won't have to constantly fight for the covers, as there will be plenty to go around. Plus, one large comforter is better than two smaller ones for each person because it'll be less expensive. This can also benefit those who sleep alone, especially if they toss and turn in the night, as it can help them keep all the blankets on top of them so they never wake up cold or uncomfortable.

Considerations before purchasing

However, before you decide upon oversized bedding, first consider what type of sleeper you are. If you often get hot at night, this hack may not be the right choice for you, as all the heat will get trapped underneath the bedding, since it reaches the floor on all sides. A large comforter or duvet may also feel heavier than the average size since there will be more material on top of you. While these could be considered benefits for some, they may deter others from going this route.

Further, because the bedding is oversized and will now touch the floor, it'll be more prone to getting covered in debris and attaching to dust or pet hair. This means you may have to wash the bulky item more often, which may be a nuisance. Finally, taking the size and shape of your bed frame into consideration is important, as a frame that's too large may still stick out or look awkward beneath your comforter.