The Simple Wall Tweak That Will Make Your Home Feel Like A Luxe Airbnb

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When designing an Airbnb, the owners' main goal should be to create a memorable experience for the guests. To do so, they often include unique design elements, play into a certain style or vibe, and focus on the smaller details that make the whole space feel complete. One way they sometimes achieve all three of these things at once is by adding a stenciled pattern to an accent wall, something you can also do in your own home.

Accent walls can be added behind televisions in living rooms, above the headboard in bedrooms, or along an architecturally interesting wall, like one with large windows or a fireplace. These walls are sometimes created by installing wallpaper, but a huge benefit of using stencils is that you can get a similar look at a lower cost. Further, it will also be much easier to replace in the future, as you can simply paint over the stenciled pattern. If you only wanted to include a subtle design element, you could just add the stencil to certain areas of the wall instead of covering the entire surface.

How to paint with stencils

Before you begin painting, prepare the room by cleaning the wall, laying down paint cloths, and taping the trim. If necessary, paint the wall the base color you desire, and once your base is dry, you're ready to apply the stencil in another color. To begin, use a level to find the center of the wall and draw a straight, vertical line. Then tape your stencil on the left side of the line at the very top of the wall. 

When covering the stencil, you only want to have a small amount of paint on your brush, as too much could create a mess. Therefore, dab your brush onto a paper towel beforehand and apply by stippling instead of swiping to prevent bleeding. Some also choose to use a small roller instead of a brush, but you should still remove excess paint before applying it over the stencil. To ensure every part of the pattern is straight, you may need to use the level often. It's also important to replace the tape that's holding up the stencil every few uses, as it can easily lose stickiness.

Where to purchase wall stencils

Because stenciling an entire wall can take some time, there are many oversized options on the market, which will make the process go by much faster. Stencilit, which is available on Amazon, has plenty of options, including abstract designs, florals, and animals, and each large piece costs anywhere from $35 to $42. If you're on a tight budget, Stencil Revolution has various sizes that range in price from $5.99 to $23.99. Most of theirs are abstract, but they also have some other simple designs as well. 

Another company that sells stencils in a variety of sizes is Royal Design Studio Stencils; if you want to create the look of wallpaper for less, this is the website to check out. Their products range in price from around $15 to $100, depending upon the size and intricacy of the pattern. Finally, Cutting Edge Stencils also sells pieces in many different sizes, priced anywhere from $15 to over $115. They also offer border stencils, which would benefit those who only want to add a small detail to their wall.