How To Choose The Right Accent Wall In Your Living Room

Your living room might be a highly functional space for relaxing, gathering, and entertaining. However, an appealing design makes it more welcoming and visually pleasing. An accent wall is a great way to add energy to your living room and create a focal point. It adds style and character while giving the eyes a place to rest (via MHM Professional Staging).

You might have the perfect graphic wallpaper or statement-making paint color in your mind. So, how do you choose the right wall? It might seem like the obvious choice is the most prominent wall or the one where the fireplace is already installed. However, thinking outside the box can also create a stunning look.

This decision comes down to the layout of your space, the way it connects to other rooms, and how you'd like your living room to function. Of course, you'll also want to keep your space's specific dimensions, shape, and any permanent components in mind. These factors help you choose the perfect living room wall for your desired impact.

Think about sightlines

As an accent wall's primary purpose is to be visually appealing, being able to see it is essential. Thus, there are a few key questions to ask yourself when choosing the right one for the job. Where can you see the surface from within your living room? And where can you spot it from adjacent spaces?

If you plan to keep the current furniture configuration of your living room, this can give you a great jumping-off point. For example, you might prefer that your accent wall be visible from as many seats as possible. Or, you might want to select one that sits behind a large piece of furniture like your couch to accent it and give it a unique backdrop. Try out some seating options to check the sightlines and carefully evaluate each wall as a possibility.

Sightlines from outside the room are equally important, especially if your home utilizes an open floor plan. Consider what living room walls can be seen from connected spaces. If the one you choose is visible from your kitchen, you'll want the color or finish you use to complement that space. This allows for connected rooms and a cohesive vibe (via JK Paint & Contracting LLC).

Consider the room itself

Your living room may possess characteristics that'll help you select the perfect accent wall. First, are there features in the room, like a fireplace or bay window, that you'd like to highlight?

If your room features a vaulted ceiling with triangular-shaped walls, you might want to choose one of those to create visual interest. On the other hand, maybe your living room is more rectangular-shaped, with two significantly smaller walls contrasting larger ones. Selecting one of these smaller surfaces can create a sense of balance (via Star Furniture).

Framing a fireplace or window wall with an accent finish can make for a stunning display. However, if the rest of the room lacks visual interest, you may opt to choose a different one as a focal point. This works exceptionally well in open, airy living rooms with large windows or two-story ceilings. Here, an unexpected touch can add a lot of coziness and character.

Remember, accent walls are perfect for experimenting with color, pattern, and texture in your space. Creating a surface that stands out and makes your room pop is a fun, creative design opportunity to craft a living space that's uniquely yours.