How Much It Costs To Repair Or Replace Your Water Pump

After a heavy rainstorm, hearing the sump pump turn on means your basement isn't likely to flood. This system, sometimes called a water pump, pulls water away from the drain tile around the home and moves it toward sewer lines. If this fails, the water could end up in your basement and cause costly damage. For this reason, repairing a broken water pump should be a top priority for homeowners. The cost to repair this crucial tool depends on numerous factors, including whether exchanging the entire system is necessary, but you can expect to pay between $150 and $500 for most repairs.

Pumps are mechanical systems that wear down over time. Most require very little from you throughout their lifespan, though having a plumber check them out every few years can help you avoid an emergency. If you start to hear it struggle (for instance, its usual hum becomes much louder, or you hear squealing), this is an indication that a repair is in order. You may also have a system that simply fails to turn on and work, and unfortunately, you may not get an early warning sign until your basement is flooded. However, before you buy a new water pump, it's essential to consider whether repairs are possible and what to expect cost-wise.

What's wrong with the water pump?

One of the most impactful factors determining the cost of fixing a damaged water pump is the severity of the issue. Most components, including the motor itself, can fail over time. For example, if the float switch comes loose and is no longer appropriately positioned, the tool likely won't turn on when needed. A repair like this typically ranges from $75 to $125. Additionally, the impeller, which helps flush water out of the system, can suffer from mineral or other material build-up and may even snap off in some cases. This fix typically costs around $100 to $225, depending on how many components need to be replaced.

In some situations, the pipe that moves water from the sump pump basin (the big hole in the ground) out to the sewer can suffer damage. Corrosion, cracks from pressure, or age can cause this discharge pipe to fail, meaning water cannot be pushed out of the basin. Depending on if a complete replacement of the discharge pipe is necessary, expect this issue to cost you between $125 and $300.

Perhaps the most worrisome water pump problem is not hearing the system turn on, which may indicate a failing motor. If it needs to be adjusted, that's a more straightforward fix than most, but costs rise when there are electrical problems. On average, expect motor repairs to range from $150 to $300.

The cost to replace a water pump

You may not know what the problem is, or it may be the case that the water pump motor is worn. This often means it's time to replace your water pump instead of trying to repair it. It may even be faster to have the system replaced than to try to pinpoint the underlying problem. If you have a pedestal-style sump pump where the motor remains dry and a pipe at the bottom of the basin draws out water, expect to pay between $400 and $900 to replace it.

On the other hand, a submersible water pump is more elaborate because the motor is encased to make it waterproof. Replacing this type of system will often cost over $1,000.

Don't forget that you may require a professional to do the work, even though completing a sump pump repair yourself is possible for those comfortable getting their hands dirty. If not, expect labor costs to range from $50 to $100 an hour. If your home has water coming in, that could require draining the water first and having emergency plumbing services, which can lead to up to $200 in additional fees. Of course, this price may be well worth it if there's more rain to come in the weekly forecast.