The Trendy Remote-Control Lamp Solution For When You Just Can't Find An Outlet

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Getting the lighting in your home just right is not easy, especially when your space doesn't have an abundance of electrical outlets. Using overhead lights allows for a bright space, but can sometimes feel clinical or overstimulating. Having multiple lamps, meanwhile, provides softer, cozier lighting, but apartments, older homes, and dorms often lack enough spots to plug them in safely. And what do you do if you want a combination of bright and soft lights for different tasks or times of day? Luckily, this new viral TikTok hack gives the perfect solution for those looking for another option to brighten their homes.

The lamp trick, posted by @isabella.antonia, involves battery-powered puck lights, which aren't only great for people without many outlets to work with, but using the lights also won't add to your electric bill. You can find the remote-controlled lights at various brick-and-mortar stores and online retailers likeĀ Amazon, where you can get a six-pack for under $25.

Customize your space with remote-controlled lighting

Not only are these lights battery-operated (3 AAA batteries will have one up and running), but they're also remote-controlled. You'll be able to turn them on or off or change the brightness without having to get up and fiddle with a switch. There's an adhesive strip on the back that allows you to stick the light anywhere. While you could place them in dark closets, in the hallway for nightlights, or on the bottoms of cabinets to illuminate your kitchen counters, this lighting trick sticks them inside a regular lamp. This provides a cordless option for any lamp, and the puck will be hidden by the lampshade. Now, you can turn any lamp on and off with a remote, it doesn't need to be near an outlet, and it will still look appealing.

This is a great option for those looking to layer their lighting and decorate their space with beautiful, unique lamps. Also, if your favorite corded lamp happens to break, this hack allows you to keep using it without fixing or replacing it.

Lighting however you want, whenever you want

If you need more light while working or reading, the puck lights can be set to 100% power, or if you're trying to set a more relaxed mood, they can be dimmed to 80%, 40%, or 10%. There are also timer settings that allow you to set when the lights will dim, brighten, or turn off in advance.

While the aforementioned puck lights from Amazon are a good option, there are tons of similar adhesive lights that come in different shapes and sizes and can also change colors (you can find more options at Walmart and The Home Depot), making this hack extremely versatile. You can pair any adhesive, remote-controlled light with any lamp, and brighten your space however you want, whether that's deep red, vibrant purple, cool blue, or classic soft yellow.

If you're sick of tripping over cords, fumbling with power strips to compensate for a lack of outlets, or simply want an easy way to customize your lighting, this hack will change the way you use lamps in your home.