14 Most Unique Things Celebrities Have In Their Homes

Celebrities are known for their surreal lifestyles and opulent purchases, which often stretch to multiple houses, cars, and designer clothes and products. Fame brings money through brand sponsorships and work opportunities, and it's no surprise when these influential people share their homes through news platforms and social media, revealing the eccentric design choices within. The items in their home are decorative, functional, or multi-purpose, giving the public a closer look into the creative minds of these renowned actors, musicians, models, entrepreneurs, and socialites.

Below are some of the most well-known people in Hollywood and beyond who have been public about the extravagant purchases they've made. Within most of their mansions and multi-acre properties are antiques, state-of-the-art tech, and re-purposed commodities that have been expertly melded with trendy interior designs. 

1. Neil Patrick Harris' monkey bar

Neil Patrick Harris is a professional actor famous for his performances in popular shows, such as "How I Met Your Mother" and "Modern Family." In addition to a successful acting career, he is also well known for his personal life, as he is an openly LGBT+ individual. Neil Patrick Harris and his husband owned a beautiful Brownstone home in Harlem, Manhattan, worth over seven million dollars. The gorgeous Victorian townhouse had an elegant interior full of classic and refined furnishings.

However, aside from the standard elegant decor, Neil Patrick Harris also had an interior setup that wasn't so ordinary. Downstairs was "The Monkey Bar," a classic parlor bar setup with taxidermied monkeys across the back liquor cabinets. This cabinet originated from a taxidermy bar in Utica, where this famous actor and his husband picked up the unique amenity. Strangely enough, taxidermy bar scenes aren't as one-of-a-kind as you may think— According to Seattle Met, several taverns and bars have embraced taxidermy for decoration purposes throughout the city of Seattle. This form of art is common in vintage-style interiors, and other famous people and interior decor aficionados, such as Martha Stewart, have also embraced displaying stuffed animals. Many designers claim that taxidermy adds a rustic touch, which complements urban and classic homes alike.

2. Yolanda Hadid's glass refrigerator

Yolanda Hadid, a reality star from "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," began her path to fame in 2012. Her presence on the popular reality show gave curious TV viewers an inside look at her lavish lifestyle, which included a completely glass fridge. Refrigerators often have glass shelving or drawers, but an all-glass refrigerator is not a common concept.

This unique staple kitchen appliance was designed by Yolanda herself and is iconic enough to be both a meme and a desired fridge design. A Twitter account named @Yolandasfridge has over thirteen thousand followers and continues to actively post "The Real Housewives" content to this day. The fridge itself was inspired by a florist cooler traditionally used to preserve floral arrangements. Unfortunately, this design didn't take off on the market since having a fully-glass refrigerator isn't realistic for most households. It requires that you keep your fridge impeccably organized and clean, which most working-class families don't have the time or patience for. Everything inside is constantly on display, so if you have any guilty pleasures to hide, this fridge isn't the best choice. It's also a custom design, meaning installing it in your own kitchen would require contracting a manufacturer to plan and build the unique refrigerator for your home.

Truth be told, even though this contraption is pretty to look at it, it's not the most functional idea. There are fewer layers of insulation because it is made entirely of glass. Even though tempered glass is great for retaining temperatures, the front portion doesn't appear to have additional insulative materials that would usually layer the inside of a refrigerator door.

3. Kenya Moore's musical bidet and toilet

Yolanda Hadid isn't the only housewife with a penchant for unique home installations. Kenya Moore, a main cast member from "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," has established herself through international pageants, acting, modeling, writing, and entrepreneurship. In addition to her many public appearances, this woman has garnered interest for a unique installation in her sprawling Atlanta mansion.

This 3,000 square foot home penned as the "Moore Manor" has a spacious, minimalist interior design with contemporary pendant lighting and white chic furniture, but the most remarkable fixture in her home is the Kohler bidet and toilet. It has a modern square shape as innovative as the toilet's extraneous capabilities. It's not a run-of-the-mill toilet but an advanced technical device with musical capabilities. You can connect to the toilet via Bluetooth, by uploading MP3 files, or using an AUX cord to play music and podcasts. It's motion-activated and opens and closes automatically while also self-cleaning, air-drying, and deodorizing. Kenya Moore hasn't released the full list of features she purchased with her extravagant toilet, but the manufacturer does advertise several additional amenities. The toilet and bidet can have heated seats, ambient lighting, and dual-flush technology, making it an unparalleled and all-encompassing design you can order for your own home.

4. Zedd's candy vending machine

DJ, record producer, and songwriter Zedd has been making waves in the music industry since 2010. With his wildly successful song releases, it's no surprise that this celebrity owns a $20 million California estate. Within this modern, open-air mansion are many personalized accents, but most notable is a gift from the Wrigley Company. This branch from Mars Wrigley Confectionery is the manufacturer and marketer of Skittles, and they gave Zedd a personalized vending machine to place in his home.

In Zedd's art gallery, a long white corridor with a glass staircase and tall walls for massive art pieces, he proudly displays a teal Skittle machine at the end of the hallway. This machine is customized with his name emblazoned above four dispensers of flavored Skittle combinations. According to Zedd's Instagram, he even snagged a unique art piece from Unit London, a United Kingdom contemporary art gallery, to match this one-of-a-kind candy dispenser. The hand-sculpted art is the same teal as the machine, improving the interior design of the artsy corridor despite its vibrantly-colored Skittle display.

5. Markus Persson's wall-sized candy dispensers

Markus Persson also goes by the name "Notch" and is the video game programmer and designer behind "Minecraft," the best-selling video game of all time. Due to his gaming industry success, this man has embraced a billionaire lifestyle by purchasing the most expensive home in Beverly Hills. He allegedly outbid Jay Z and Beyonce, two famous musicians, for a decadent modern home with private balconies, ceiling-to-floor windows, a multi-car garage, and a wall of candy that puts Zedd's Skittle machine to shame.

Markus Persson's candy dispenser stretches across an entire hallway and has dozens of assorted chocolates, sours, and sweets, which Digital Trends claims is worth about $200,000. This vending contraption does not appear to be brand-specific, as it holds products from Just Born, Mars Inc., and possibly other confectionary companies. It is located in the downstairs "bachelor pad," with a view of the luxury car garage and HD television screens, which is a prime location for such a unique installation in this sprawling home.

6. Kim Kardashian's flat bathroom sink

The Kardashians are a household name, and it's only natural that several members made this list with their very public lifestyles. Kim Kardashian's "minimal monastery abode" is artistically vacant with its muted colors and lack of decorative elements. In fact, her home is so minimal that the custom-made sinks are like nothing you can find on the market.

The main bathroom's plumbing contraptions were designed by Axel Veroordt and Claudio Silvestrin, an interior designer and an architect, respectively, and they appear to be completely flat. The design slightly slopes in the center, leading to a tiny crevice for the water to run down into. It took eight prototypes to perfect, and the final product delivers high water pressure with no splashback, despite the seemingly dysfunctional shape. The sink and countertops are made of quartz, and People.com estimates each faucet setup is worth about $32,500. They also estimate the installation to be roughly 1,000 pounds, making it a heavy and permanent addition to Kim Kardashian's bathroom.

7. Kendall Jenner's $52,000 couch

Kendall Jenner is another member of the Kardashians. The model, reality star, and socialite utilized her family name to make her own path in the celebrity sphere. Like her famous mother and sisters, she also purchased a home in California, where she made a gaudy investment that garnered the public's attention. Within her home is a couch from the revered Italian furniture company Edra.

This sofa, the "Boa," is a shimmery purple and navy nest design, unlike any traditional-style couch. It has large interwoven velvet tubing filled with polyurethane and goose feathers, and the way it drapes over itself resembles a chunky-knit scarf. The manufacturer's model photos display this sofa in rooms with eclectic and bohemian designs, and it's unique in that it can be placed anywhere— whether it's the centerpiece in a room or pushed up against a wall. You can sit, lay down, or curl up within the woven pieces, making it as comfortable as it is bizarre.

8. Scott Disick's double-island kitchen

Scott Disick, a former member of the Kardashian clan, rose to popularity by starring on "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," appearing in multiple spin-offs, and starting his own shows and business. As a real estate business owner and renovator, it's no surprise that Disick's personal home has a few unique touches. His traditional-style mansion has a similar interior to many celebrity styles— minimalism with contemporary and modern touches. The kitchen is, unsurprisingly, massive, sporting black and white cabinets with white countertops. Much of the kitchen surfaces are clutter-free, and space is not an issue, especially since this design features two kitchen islands.

Disick claims that the double islands are handy, as he can work (assumedly prepare food) on one and eat on the other. Extra islands are difficult to fit in your home unless you have a wide-open floor plan with excess kitchen space. If you do have the physical space to add this feature in an aesthetically pleasing manner, it does come with several benefits. Double islands add surface and cabinet storage space and provide more room to place food for meals and events, making them a great addition if you have a large family or enjoy hosting.

9. Shaquille O'Neal's massive superhero bed

When people think of professional sports stars, they often label them as stereotypical jocks. Shaquille O'Neal may be one of the most popular basketball players of all time, but his $16 million dollar home in Orlando, Florida, revealed that he is also a superhero fan. Within the massive master bedroom is an enormous bed with undisclosed dimensions, though many sources estimate that it is around 15 by 30 feet.

Such a large bed takes up a significant amount of space, even in a 31,000-square-foot home with 12 bedrooms — Shaq's bed takes up 20% of the room. The mattress is custom-made by Tempur-Pedic, can accommodate at least six average-sized people, and features one of Shaq's favorite pop culture characters, Superman, on its comforter. The giant Superman logo is simple in design, and when paired with the black bed and decorative pillows, it suits the elegant bedroom with its picture windows, off-white carpeting, and golden accents.

10. Leonardo Dicaprio's reflexology floors

Few actors have managed to stay in the spotlight for decades, but Leonardo Dicaprio is undoubtedly a household name. This famous actor has starred in dozens of top-grossing movies, including "Titanic," The Departed," "Inception," and other classic favorites. As one of the highest-paid stars in Hollywood, it's no surprise that this celebrity has a $10 million dollar two-bedroom apartment in New York City with some noteworthy amenities.

This new-age apartment complex prides itself on being a "Wellness Real Estate residence," due to the health perks of its design. The bathroom has posture-supporting and heated reflexology flooring, which is an engineered surface built to relax and soothe the soles of your feet. This flooring leads up to the shower, creating a spa-like experience in Dicaprio's personal home. Reflexology is a "holistic" medicine, which is an unconventional approach to health. Reflexology floors place pressure on your feet, which can lessen chronic pain, anxiety, and stress, naturally improving your physical and mental well-being, which is likely very beneficial for the lifestyle of a busy actor.

11. Lady Gaga's electromagnetic field (ghost) detector

While most of these celebrity home finds enhance the interior design of their mansions and estates, Lady Gaga has an amenity that is strictly functional. This international pop star is openly whimsical, and part of her charm is the flamboyant outfits she wears during performances. However, her unconventional attitude isn't only present when she's on stage, for she reportedly installed ghost detectors in her home.

Lady Gaga has not confirmed or denied this purchase, but Glamour Magazine claims she spent tens of thousands of dollars on electromagnetic field (EMF) meters for her home. EMF meters are devices that usually come in portable form and are used to measure electromagnetic radiation generated in a location. Believers in the paranormal suspect that fluctuations in electromagnetic fields can also be due to supernatural activity. Ghosts can "manipulate" these fields, making EMF meters multifunctional for detecting haunting presences. EMF meters are less than $100 on Amazon, but installing these devices throughout a 10,270-square-foot villa (like Lady Gaga's Malibu estate) would understandably come at a higher price.

12. Drew Barrymore's hidden TV

Drew Barrymore's acting career began in the 1980s, and she's starred in horror, comedies, dramas, and romance movies alike. Her wild success as an actress makes it unsurprising that she's owned multiple gorgeous mansions throughout the United States. Like most celebrities, she can afford unique furniture and amenities that most people don't have access to. However, her "crazy" investment is the least absurd and one of the most practical on this list.

A recent Instagram video revealed that Drew Barrymore came up with a unique solution to making a modern TV fit into her bohemian-style room. She ordered a handmade macrame wall hanging large enough to completely shield her plasma TV when not in use. She drapes the knotted textile in front of the black screen, making it less of an eyesore in a room filled with free-spirited accents. Macrame decor is a great addition to interior design, adding a natural element with its rope-like textures. It makes rooms feel cozy and homey without being too flashy and interrupting other interior themes.

13. Cara Delevigne's color-coordinated ball pit

Being an international supermodel, actress, and occasional singer makes for a busy schedule, but that hasn't stopped Cara Delevigne from embracing a fun-loving lifestyle. This multi-talented woman purchased a gorgeous manor in Los Angeles, close to the celebrity scene, and took a unique approach when styling the many rooms within. According to Harpers Bazaar, she calls the estate her "adult playhouse," and that claim is well supported by the bedroom that's been converted into a ball pit.

Cara Delevigne's home is full of eclectic design choices and unconventional rooms, but the ball pit truly encapsulates her playful nature. The entire space is styled in red and white to be reminiscent of a carnival, including the balls and striped walls. If you share this supermodel's love for nostalgic activities, you don't have to go quite so far as dedicating a whole bedroom. It'd be more reasonable to settle for a kiddie pool or make-shift pen to fill with plastic balls. Even a small ball pit is no small investment, and Instructables informs its readers that a four-foot by eight-foot enclosure would require over five thousand plastic balls to make a sufficient ball pit.

14. Martha Stewart's upcycled pickle crock trash can

Martha Stewart is a billionaire lifestyle icon known for her advice on cooking, hosting, interior design, organization, and health tips. She is constantly revealing innovative ideas for home decorating through various platforms, and one of her most recent reveals was an upcycled pickle crock. Pickle crocks are cylindrical urns used for fermenting and pickling vegetables with brine over time. They are traditionally made from ceramic or glass, and the outside is often decorated with paint and other embellishments. The decorative exterior makes these receptacles pretty to look at, making them aesthetically pleasing additions to any interior.

Martha Stewart took advantage of the ornamental design of pickle crocks by re-fashioning hers into a trash can for her kitchen. The durable and insulative exterior contains odors and keeps garbage well-sealed beneath a heavy lid, making it practical for this purpose. The can itself is more ornamental than most standard trashcans, making it a fitting addition to farmhouse, rustic, and traditional-style rooms.