The Easy Duct Tape Hack That Makes Removing A Stripped Screw Even Easier

Duct tape is a common go-to for DIY projects. Quick and reliable, the thin mesh inside the tape gives it stability, and while it's strong, it can still be torn with your hands. While the tape is often used to patch things up, there's one helpful solution you might not know about — though, the next time you're faced with a stubborn stripped screw, you'll definitely want to remember it and hopefully have a roll of duct tape nearby.

Stripped screws, or screws where the slots in the screw's head have worn away, leave screwdrivers with little to work with. And they can present quite a problem if you need to remove the stripped screw(s) from a wall, a table, a shelf, etc. No matter how much you turn or how much pressure you apply, the screwdriver has nothing to hold onto and simply slips out of the head. Well, the next time this happens to you, reach for some duct tape, as the tape will provide the missing grip your screwdriver needs.

Restoring the grip to stripped screws

Though this duct tape hack does work, Buy Any Part notes it works best if the threads on the head of the screw aren't all the way destroyed. To use duct tape to remove a stripped screw, simply take a small piece of duct tape and attach it to the top of the screw, adhesive side down. Then, using a hand screwdriver — a power drill or driver will not work as well because of the torque — press firmly into the head of the screw and turn slowly. You want to keep consistent, even pressure as you carefully turn the screw.

As said, the reason why this works is because the duct tape provides the screwdriver with something to hold onto, given that the slots of the stripped screw have been worn away. You can also try using a screwdriver that's larger than the size of the screw head opening, as the larger bit might also help it connect and grab on better.

Other duct tape hacks

You can use duct tape for other quick household hacks as well. Got a jar that won't open? Get a piece of duct tape about 10 to 12 inches long and tape it around the side of the lid, making sure not to tape over the glass. Leave a tail of duct tape you can fold in half and tape to itself, creating a makeshift handle. Then hold the jar with one hand, and give the handle a good yank to loosen the lid.

Have a problem with fruit flies in your kitchen, but hate unsightly and annoying bug strips? Try duct tape instead. Put a strip of tape down, sticky side out, and watch it fill up with the flies. You can either attach them with regular tape or just fold back a small amount of the tape at the top and the bottom.

As with using duct tape to remove stripped screws, these hacks may not be what duct tape was designed for, but they're useful in a pinch and are just a few more ways we can DIY.