Here's How To Custom Pinch-Pleat Your Set Of Loose Curtains

Pinch pleat curtains are created by pinching the fabric at the top together and securing it with stitches or specialized pins or hooks. This forms a tailored and structured appearance for the curtains by making them look fuller and more elegant when they drape. They are typically used to decorate the windows in more formal spaces like the living room and dining room. To create some yourself, you just need a few tools. On TikTok, creator @thesimplecozyhaven shows how she pleats some IKEA curtains by fixing pleat hooks on pleat tape on the back of the curtain in intervals of 11 for a "gorgeous, casual look."

To custom pinch-pleat your own set of loose curtains, first determine how full you want them to be and then measure the width of the curtains to make sure you have enough fabric for the number of pleats you want. Next, fold the fabric at the top edge over and over and pin them as you go. Once you've created the pleats, insert a pin or hook through the bottom fold of each pleat as shown in the video.

How to nail the look

While the video guide is pretty comprehensive, you also need to secure the pleats and the hooks in place as you do your DIY pinch-pleating. Try sewing them down with a sewing machine. Sewing a tiny stitch at the base of each pleat is another way to keep them in place and also adds to the elegance. When the pleats are done, check how the curtains look from the front so you can adjust them if necessary, then hang them up and check them again.

When your curtains are ready, make them look their best by ironing or steaming them so they're free of wrinkles when they go up. Note that pinch pleats are best used with a high-quality, thicker fabric like velvet or a fabric with a statement pattern. They also require more fabric than the standard pencil pleats. When pleating multiple curtains with a patterned fabric, ensure that the pattern lines up at the same spot so it looks uniform.

Why pinch pleats?

Pinch pleats create a fuller appearance, give curtains a tailored and sophisticated look, and help them drape more gracefully. They even allow for better light control because pleats block out light more effectively. This is great for filtering light and preserving your privacy. Ultimately, custom pinch-pleating your loose curtains can elevate the overall appearance of your windows and enhance the aesthetic of your space. It adds a touch of elegance, improves functionality, and allows for more creative styling options.

You can also create either a double or triple fold with pinch pleats. Double pinch pleats are best for fabrics with patterns because they take up less of the fabric. To get this look right, many factors have to be considered. In addition to measuring the curtain, you need to measure where the curtain touches the floor and wall, the length of the pole, and even the curtain rings to make sure they all look good when they come together.