Here's How To Nail TikTok's Stunning Gold Leaf Mirror Makeover

When you've lived in your home for years, there are moments when you want to freshen things up. You might add new décor, repaint the walls, buy new furniture, or try following a new trend that everyone is doing. Of course, trends change constantly, and while you shouldn't follow every viral trend, you can still find ways to transform your space. For example, if you're ready to buy a new mirror because the one you have doesn't fit with the interior's style or you're tired of its simplicity, you can elevate it with gold leaf. TikTok user @jessiefinds transformed her silver-framed standing mirror, which she bought from IKEA, with a sleek brass finish using gold leaf sheets.

Mirrors are essential when decorating a space; they have the potential to tie a whole room together. Plus, mirrors are ideal for making a small space bigger by adding more dimension and making a room appear brighter. However, buying a brand-new mirror can be expensive, and it can be time-consuming when you're looking at different styles, finishes, and prices. If you love the mirror you own but want to change its appearance, DIYing a border for it with gold leaf sheets will make it seem like you bought a new mirror. Here's how to give your mirror a makeover by following TikTok's simple steps.

Things to consider when using gold leaf sheets

Before we show you how to transform your mirror, remember that gold leaf is delicate, so it's essential to work with them carefully. In addition, the gold leaf foils will be messy, so doing the project in a safe environment, like outside or in a garage, is vital. Or you can lay down a few sheets of newspaper on the floor and put your mirror on top to catch the gold or adhesive residue that will fall when you're applying and smoothing them out. You can use a vacuum cleaner to pick up any extra specks of gold that might float outside the newspaper.

You'll want to buy extra gold leaf sheets in case you're working with a larger mirror. You don't want to have to head to the store to purchase more halfway through the project, so if a gold leaf kit has 25 sheets, buying an extra 10 to 15 sheets affords you some wiggle room. You'll need those extra sheets if you're working with beveled edges because those indentations will require an extra layer of gold leaves. However, if you're using an evenly flat surfaced mirror like @jessiefinds, you'll be able to lay the sheets easier. Remember, the prep work you do before will make the project run effortlessly.

Prepping your mirror is key

TikTok user @jessiefinds shows us how she started her mirror transformation journey with a prepped mirror and gold paint. However, the gold paint didn't look as polished as she wanted it to look, so she used gold leaf foil. As a result, the mirror turned out glamorous with a stunning golden finish. For the DIY project, you'll need masking tape, a gold leaf kit with adhesive and sealer, and two paintbrushes. If you can't find a gold leaf kit, you can purchase the glue and sealer separately.

Before applying anything to your mirror, use the masking tape along the inside; a single strip down and across the glass is enough to prevent glue or gold from sticking to it. Then, clean the surface where you're going to apply the gold leaf sheets. Cleaning beforehand will give the mirror a sleek surface without dust or dirt, allowing you to apply the gold leaf smoothly and evenly.

Once you've prepped your mirror, use your paintbrush to apply the adhesive to a small section, let it slightly dry, then add a gold leaf sheet. You'll want to gently press the gold leaf onto the surface, smoothing it out with your fingers or a dry paintbrush, and pull back the white sheet holding the gold. Repeat the steps until the entire mirror is covered. Finally, apply the sealer once you're satisfied with the result and showcase it in your home.