Here's How To Use Nail Polish Remover To Create Chic Anthropologie Mirror Dupes

Anthropologie offers dozens of beautiful mirrors on its website, but the gold "gleaming primrose" mirrors are one of their most popular, highly coveted, and top-rated pieces. Gleaming primrose mirrors range from $548 for the smallest mirror to $1,598 for the largest floor mirror. Occasionally you can snag a good deal when these mirrors are on sale, but they'll still make a pretty heavy dent in your wallet. If you're not prepared to dish out the dough for a real Anthropologie mirror, your best bet is to go for a "dupe," modern lingo for a "duplicate" product. TikTok creator @baiharden, who goes by Bailey, shared a simple hack to make discounted Hobby Lobby mirrors look just like Anthropologie's gold mirrors. All you'll need is a bottle of nail polish remover and a cotton ball or paper towel to remove the painted-on white text! 

This hack is a relatively simple one, but many people are still surprised by how versatile a bottle of nail polish remover can be. Check out the products and steps Bailey used for the hack, how she styled the finished dupe in her space, and other styling techniques you can use to make your cheap mirrors look chic. 

Turn word art into a clean slate

The $69.99 mirror from Hobby Lobby has a beautiful gold frame and white writing over the glass that says, "And suddenly you were my everything and I was home." While the sentiment is sweet, not everyone appreciates the idea of cheesy word art in their home, and the similar mirror from Anthropologie doesn't contain any writing. To turn the Hobby Lobby word art version into a classy and classic mirror, Bailey soaks a paper towel in nail polish remover, then rubs a generous amount of solution onto the mirror face. The words magically melt away! The text in her TikTok video says, "Use nail polish remover to remove the writing," then "Make sure to clean all the remover off the mirror. Now you have three Anthropologie dupe mirrors!"

Bailey confirmed to a viewer in the comment section that the nail polish remover must contain strong acetone in order to work. While the mirror may not be a perfect dupe, it offers a much more affordable way to get the iconic gold mirror look, and many viewers saw the potential to transform old pieces into long-lasting home décor that survives through trends. One commenter wrote, "Got these for my daughter's wedding and was wondering how to remove the words. Thank you." 

Give your mirror a throne

A gold mirror — or its dupe — doesn't mean much if it isn't styled to perfection! Some Anthropologie mirrors are floor-length and should be leaned against a wall, but these small dupes look best when styled on a flat surface. At the end of the TikTok video, Bailey demonstrates how she arranges the mirrors in her space. She places the three matching (and now word-free) Hobby Lobby mirrors on top of a white six-drawer dresser, with the largest mirror at the back and the two smaller mirrors leaning against it. In front of her triple mirror arrangement, she adds an amber glass bottle with dried flowers and a small candelabra on top of a large white book. The resulting scene feels fresh but warm and timeless, with some quiet, historical charm. 

Bailey's use of glass accessories like the amber bottle and natural texture like the dried flowers are perfect to complement the luxurious vibe of the mirror and help its charm "pour out" onto the dresser surface. By drawing inspiration from the mirror itself, you can make the Hobby Lobby dupe look more expensive and less like an afterthought. Mirrors can also make a small space feel bigger and add some dimension to hallways. Consider placing your mirror dupes on an entryway table or fireplace mantle and surrounding them with symmetrical candles.