The Best Type Of Sink To Install In Your Hamptons-Style Kitchen

If you want to install the best type of sink in your Hamptons-style kitchen, there's one that stands ageless. Amidst the luxurious yet relaxed coastal design, the butler sink — or London sink — is often seen as both sophisticated and highly functional. While many kitchens with a Long Island seaside flair are bright and airy, the butler sink is a resilient structure that can be used daily for cleaning dishes or prepping meals. Originating in London, the durable, originally cast iron sink was made for everyday use within the butler's pantry. The spacious basin's wide and shallow frame also helped conserve water during the Victorian era when a clean supply was limited. While many traditional butler sinks were later crafted from strong fireclay ceramic, there are a variety of other hardwearing materials to explore.

So, what's the best type of butler sink for your kitchen? With its reflective properties, you might consider a classic white ceramic basin to complement a fresh, Hamptons-style look. However, there are several dynamic colors and textures to consider, including various types of hardware. Additionally, depending on your kitchen's layout, a modern butler-style sink may accommodate a variety of common work areas. Regardless of a fully functional pantry, this could be within your prime island or along a galley countertop. Whether you live in the Hamptons or not, installing a timeless butler sink in your kitchen may help create the quintessential beach vibe.

The many styles of the butler sink

Before you install your butler sink, exploring different kinds may be beneficial to achieve the right fit for your Hamptons-style kitchen. Similar to the French farmhouse style, the butler sink is lofty in size and features recessed edges with a smooth, extensive apron that prevents excess water from dripping over the front. The sink's layout is typically available in a double or single basin and may feature a fluted apron or etched lines, including floral patterns or other decorative details. If you want your kitchen to emanate that bright, beachy style, stick with a sturdy, white fireclay mold. However, if you seek a more contemporary appeal, you might opt for marble, porcelain, stainless steel, or copper.  

Whether you're hosting endless parties in your Hamptons cottage or someplace else more discreet, you'll need ample room for your butler sink. Where's the best place to install it? A prime position might be centered within the kitchen island, especially if you have an ocean, lake, or garden view. If you have a galley kitchen, you might incorporate a dark basin within a crisp, white countertop, preferably wherever the windows might be located, as pictured above. Those with a butler's pantry could automatically put one there, while including an additional larger sink in the main work area of the kitchen.

How to fashion your Hamptons-style hardware

While the butler sink is simple and elegant, you can style it with various hardware to give it a lavish yet practical appearance. Stainless steel is ideal for everyday use and can mingle well with similar steel appliances amidst a modern seaside motif. Chrome is also a solid choice for your Hamptons-style kitchen, while its brilliant shine coincides with an array of colors and kitchen designs. For a tranquil contrast, implement a white sink and a quartz countertop with a chrome faucet and brushed fixtures against rich, ocean-blue cabinetry or an island base, as seen above. Also, gold-toned metal or brass tapware would give your age-old butler-style sink a modern, sophisticated look. 

If you're still uncertain which hardware works well with your butler sink, look to include corresponding elements within your Hamptons-style kitchen. While colors are often limited in the upscale beach design, with a high emphasis on white, you might focus on similar hues found in the backsplash or door handles. Hints of gold or silver may lie within the pattern of your tiles, which could heighten the finish of a gooseneck arch spout. If you have wood elements within your layout, brown or tan shades will give the otherwise glamorous pieces a rustic texture. Overall, a white fireclay butler sink will illuminate alongside any of these options for a chic and breezy Hamptons-style kitchen.