The TikTok Viral Monica Closet That Is The Perfect Friends Tribute

For new and original fans of NBC's hit sitcom "Friends," there's a TikTok video that honors the "Monica closet," while making it the perfect tribute to the iconic '90s show. With nearly 90,000 likes, the video has gone viral after user @onceuponabungalow posted the renovation process of her tiny hallway closet. While the slim, reach-in space resembles Monica Geller's (Courtney Cox's) hidden, unorganized storage closet from season 8, episode 14 "The One With The Secret Closet," it embraces the essence of the long-running show with various memorabilia showcased inside and out. A centralized perk is a door that the recognized renovator designed with the same color scheme and style as Monica's eclectic New York City apartment.

While @onceuponabungalow's own closet appears chaotic and messy before the remodel, she may have been inspired to transform the space as an homage to the popular program after receiving a "Friends"-themed gift from one of her friends — a changeable letter board with the famed yellow picture frame that surrounds the apartment door's peephole (via TikTok). This feature, along with various coffee cups, containers, and other paraphernalia has captivated fans with nearly 800 comments and counting. With the help of her family, @onceuponabungalow has created the ultimate "Friends" tribute that is purely genuine.

The DIY closet is fashioned like Monica's apartment

From the purple walls to the quirky decor, @onceuponabungalow's "Friends" DIY project closely captures the eclectic elements of Monica's apartment. The crafty superfan replaced an old Dutch door with a custom-made one and painted it (along with the trim) a dark green color, similar to the hallway side of the door. The exterior also features brass knobs and fittings, including locks, a peephole, and unit number 20, which all appear to be identical to the originals. The biggest difference in the door is the embossed detailing, which adds texture but is unlike the smooth surface of the show's version.

With colorful details, the interior of the closet is modeled much like Monica's vibrant, offbeat abode. The inside of the door showcases the rich lilac shade that is present throughout most of the Greenwich Village apartment, including @onceuponabungalow's framed, moveable letterboard that started it all. The DIYer also shows herself painting new, built-in shelves the same bright teal color as the kitchen cabinetry and window frame. The back panel features a red brick facade as seen in the backsplash of the kitchen, although it's uncertain if the exact material is real or peel-and-stick. Additionally, there's an exact replica of the Central Perk coffeehouse logo visible at eye level. 

The 'Friends' tribute closet is a functional pantry

Upon establishing the appearance and structure of the reimagined "Monica closet," @onceuponabungalow may have initially intended it to be used as a storage space for large appliances and/or other pantry items (via TikTok). While piquing the interest of so many online lookers, the creator received numerous mementos and souvenirs, which led to the full commemoration of "Friends." These decor pieces might be the ceramic turkey with sunglasses from "The One With All The Thanksgivings" and a figurine of the orange couch from Central Perk. The top shelf showcases cookbooks with coffee mugs hanging by hooks underneath. A couple of them feature significant quotes from the show, like "You're the Rachel to my Monica" and "You're my lobster."

Amidst all the closet's details, there are other practical items like a large mixer and air fryer resting inside, including baking canisters and baskets of different sizes. There's even room on the bottom for a plush pillow and Phoebe's (Lisa Kudrow's) "Crap From The Street" cardboard box. Although the space is snug, the "Friends" tribute closet is a discreet, yet handy creation that may bring a sense of friendship and nostalgia every time someone opens the door.