The Safety Benefits Of Installing Casement Windows

The type of windows you choose not only impacts the overall appearance of your home, but they also affect its safety. Casement windows offer several safety benefits when compared to other types of windows. The main one centers around the fact that they are generally designed to give you full control over how they get opened because they can't be opened from the outside and come with multiple locking points. 

Since they are hinged on one side to open outward, casement windows can be opened as wide as you want, so they can also serve as an exit for people to climb through in case of emergencies. Casement windows are especially safe for homes with children and can be installed with childproof locks or restrictors for further control. Another benefit is that they have tight seals, making them highly weatherproof. Keep in mind that the quality of installation plays a crucial role in maximizing the safety benefits of casement windows. Correct installation ensures that they are properly aligned, sealed, and secured to provide optimal performance and safety.

Features and styles

Casement windows are popular for their functional and aesthetic benefits. They offer excellent ventilation control, easy operation, and a sleek, unobstructed view when closed. Their design also allows for improved energy efficiency and enhanced security when properly installed and maintained. In addition to their hinges, casement windows are typically operated using a crank mechanism or handle, allowing for easy opening and closing.

They can feature a single pane of glass or multiple panes separated by dividers which provide improved insulation and reduce noise transmission. The multi-point locks along the frame enhance security as the windows are difficult to force open. You can also get additional security features like reinforced frames or laminated glass. Casement windows are available in various sizes, styles, and materials to suit your preferences. They can be installed as standalone windows or combined with other types to create unique looks. If you have a cottage-style home, this window type is a good fit for the style. It can also work in a contemporary setting with larger windows.

How to ensure their safety benefits

The seals and locking mechanism are two things to pay attention to when operating casement windows. Ensure that the weather stripping around the window frame is fixed correctly and seals tightly when the window is closed to prevent drafts and conserve energy. Also, check each locking point to ensure they are securely engaged and the locked window can't open. While they are mainly hinged on the side to open out, casement windows can also be fixed or come with a mock sash if you want windows that don't open at all.

As you maintain the window's appearance by regular cleaning, also maintain its functionality. Keep the hinges, crank mechanism, and other moving parts of the window lubricated so they work smoothly and can last long. Check your casement windows regularly for any signs of damage like loose parts or worn-out seals, so you know when to repair or replace them.