TikTok Isn't So Sure About This No-Spill Faux Flower Hack

While it's hard to replicate the beauty and feel of real flowers, faux flowers allow us to enjoy the aesthetic benefits without the limitations and upkeep associated with real flowers. One recent technique that has been tried by many on TikTok involves putting some fake flowers in a vase filled with glue. The no-spill faux flower hack recommends pouring Elmer's clear glue into a vase, inserting the flowers, and letting them dry in place, but people are hesitant about it because they don't see it as effective.

TikToker ageisbeauty used this method to DIY an expensive floral arrangement using a large vase and smooth rocks. Some users like this method because you don't have to worry about spilling anything or changing the water regularly. However, others think it's a waste of glue and a good vase and also point out that, unlike a vase of normal water, it won't be safe for a child or pet to get into, while those that tried it said their glue stopped being clear or got rust stains from the metal stems.

More on this hack

When using fake plants or flowers, putting water in the vase is one of the top ways to make them look realistic, so this technique is a low-maintenance way to achieve this. This hack is also good if you want a permanent floral arrangement because you'll be looking at the flowers for a long time. In this YouTube video, the creator uses decorative pebbles and a $1 vase to create a similar look, which is a more effective route for those worried about spoiling a good vase. 

When choosing faux flowers, opt for those that resemble real flowers in terms of color, texture, and shape with blooms, leaves, and centers that look and feel real. The vase or container should also complement the style and color of the flowers. According to the creator of the TikTok post, it takes about two weeks for the glue to dry like resin, however, some of the commenters said the glue didn't harden fully.

How to make faux flowers look real

Faux flowers are a practical and versatile alternative to real ones, especially for those with allergies or sensitivities. some techniques to achieve a more realistic arrangement with fake flowers involve placing them loosely and casually instead of aiming for total perfection, so they look more natural and less staged. Even if you purchase high-quality faux flowers, don't be afraid to alter them so they seem more realistic. 

If you get a bunch of tulips with closed buds, for example, open some of them up to create that variety. You could also try painting them to get more natural and varied colors or iron them out to get more natural shapes and forms. Try trimming the stems and the blooms to create different heights and levels within the arrangement. Another evergreen tip to really nail the look is to mix them with real flowers.