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How To Decorate The Home With Flowers

Flowers with silky petals and vibrant colors lend charm to everyday life. According to Verdissimo, flowers positively impact our mood and even reduce stress. We decorate with them to keep the home joyful and smile when we walk into the room. Flowers are the best way to decorate a room for any occasion. They are unmatched in color and shape and often feature delightful fragrances. Make them your go-to decor friend, and you will soon find they offer a variety of decoration possibilities. 

Beautiful flowers add ambiance to any situation. Whether it be for a wedding, the birth of a baby, the death of a loved one, an exciting milestone, a celebration of a job offer, or a dinner party, flowers bring an event altogether seamlessly. Similarly, flowers often set the tone for the entire room motif. When you lack the adequate words or the right thing to say, flowers can speak for us. One of the easiest ways to make your living space more exciting without putting forth too much effort is to fill it with flowers. Now, let's review some fun ways to spruce up the home with flowers and ways to use them for decor.

Embrace romance with roses

As we well know, red roses signify love. They have long been of eternal devotion, undying love, unfathomable devotion, and desperation. They are among the most popular classic flowers and allow a person to truly show the depth of their emotion by gifting red roses. So, we thought it wise to discuss how to decorate with these "love buds." A great thing about roses is that they elevate the decor of any living space, turning what may be a bland environment into something bold and beautiful. They are a statement all on their own.

We like decorating the home with crystal vases and filling them with long-stemmed red roses. This look is traditional and classy. It will surely usher in oohs and ahhs from admiring visitors and create a romantic environment. This crystal Alana vase from House of Waterford on Amazon epitomizes elegance. It shimmers in just the right places and gives off a lovely feel. It can be used for any occasion and will last through the years as a timeless vase ideal for your beautiful roses.

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Place tulips in rubber rain boots

Yes! This decorating tip is a fun and creative way to show off your rubber rain boots. Get some red or yellow tulips and put them in waterproof rubber boots next to each other. Using your kid's colorful boots will create excitement among the children and welcome fun into your home. People of all ages will enjoy the unique activity of preparing the flowers and putting them in the boots. Don't have any rubber boots but want some now? We understand!

These cuties from Zappos should work out nicely. They are yellow "puddle stompers" from L.L. Bean. You should be able to get plenty of use from these high-quality boots. Either way, the red tulips will look simply adorable in them. According to the Almanac, yellow tulips symbolize "sunshine in your smile." This definition is appropriate since yellow tulips sure make one smile as they sit pretty in rainboots.

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Add some color with carnations

Carnations tend to last longer than other flowers. They can endure weeks in a vase without even changing the water. There are also so many meanings behind the color of carnations that were relevant centuries ago. According to Almanac, pink carnations mean "I'll never forget you," and yellow carnations symbolize romantic rejection. A red carnation implies that "my heart aches for you," and white ones are for "the sweet and lovely." Carnations are also one of January's birth flowers (along with the snowdrop). One fun idea is to decorate with many different colored carnations around the home for a dinner party. Add little notes from each stem with an interpretation of the meaning behind the color. Indeed, an educational floral dinner party is what we've all been missing without knowing it.

Let's decorate the home with carnations in a fun vase such as this colorful glass one by Katigan from Walmart. The vase is full of color yet isn't overwhelming and would greatly complement carnations in any room. Put the vase in the sun to make the colors really shine. Carnations are the world's second most popular cut flower after roses(via Perishable News).

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Make your home lovely with lilies

Lilies are a delight to display throughout the home. They are larger flowers with a lovely smell. You can display a few stems and some greenery or add a filler such as baby's breath. According to The Spruce, many lily-like flowers are not part of the actual lily family. Daylilies, water lilies, toad lilies, and peace lilies are not real lilies. Who knew? We know they're gorgeous flowers and smell delicious. However, the 'Stargazer' Oriental lily and the Easter lily are part of the lily family. These are the lilies most often used for decoration.

We suggest you sprinkle a few of them in each part of the home. A lovely smell will waft into the room from the lily, and it will linger for days. There isn't a need to decorate with a dozen in a vase when it comes to lilies. Instead, we suggest you get a narrow white porcelain vase and place two or three lilies inside. This decorative vase from Herend will work nicely for the lilies.

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Decorate a wall with Gerbera daisies

Do you know those small vases with flowers or hanging plants you've seen decorating walls? Let's put some in your home! This tip is an inexpensive way to make things look ornate when all you've done is put a small vase on the wall like these beauties from Amazon. A lovely flower for this kind of vase is a Gerbera daisy (also known as Gerber daisy). Just one Gerbera will draw attention to itself as a beautiful element. It's a delicate yet effective way to decorate bare walls or even walls that have a lot going on but are missing a floral touch.

The Gerbera is a flower that looks like it's smiling at you because it's such a happy bloom. According to the Teleflora Blog, the Gerberas represent cheerfulness and symbolize beauty, purity, and innocence. Gerberas need replacing after about a week or whenever you notice they're wilting. This time frame will keep you on top of replenishing the flowers in your home, which is a positive. Of course, Gerbera daisies are extremely popular — they're the world's fifth most used cut flower (via Perishable News).

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Put together a bouquet of lilacs

Once spring comes around, it's a sign to start decorating with the lilacs. They are one of the earliest to bloom and smell divine. Plus, they will spruce up the home magically with their unique beauty. They are such elegant flowers. According to The Spruce, lilacs are a shrub that belongs to the olive family (who knew). Lilacs symbolize renewal and confidence, making them a favorite gift among professionals (via FTD).

Let's put a bunch of them around the house in low-cut vases since this will show off the long buds in a spectacular fashion. This nonbreakable plastic vase from Amazon will work perfectly. This short and round vase is also an Amazon's Choice item, so you're definitely getting something that's ranked high. Here's a tip for those who are cutting their own lilacs (via The Grit and Polish). They suggest cutting the lilacs before they fully bloom for a longer-lasting bouquet.

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Sweeten the air with plumerias

Plumerias make most of us think of colorful and sweet-smelling exotic leis on the Hawaiian islands. However, it turns out they aren't native to the islands. According to Hawaii Magazine, they were brought to Hawaii in 1860 by a biologist, where they ended up thriving in the volcanic soil and warm temperatures. Nowadays, iconic plumeria leis are popular with recent graduates and tropical weddings. However, sometimes they're difficult to find. We recommend having them shipped directly to you by The Hawaiian Lei Company.

Once you've got your plumerias, let's display some throughout the home in flower rings. These rings hold water and create a circular floral arrangement with beautiful buds. The handmade plumie rings from Crazy Jugs will make your living space a fragrant extravaganza. Place them on flat surfaces that can use some decorating and watch guests be amazed at your clever decorating technique. You can also arrange them creatively in teacups. Just take out grandma's old china and put four to five flowers in some water. This tip is a lovely decorating technique that works for many different flowers. Aloha!

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Bring some heart into the home with hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are generously-sized flowers with pretty blooms. They take up space anywhere and make a room elegant with their lovely pom-pom like appearance. If you are using them in a high, narrow vase, or a low-cut vase, the hydrangea doesn't disappoint. They are truly gorgeous. They can decorate your bedroom, formal dining and living room, and foyer.

We suggest you use a clear vase to show off the entire stem of the hydrangea. This elegant vase from Waterford will work perfectly. The crystal vase has wedge and signature diamond cuts ideal for an elegant vase that will last for years. Keep in mind that these lovely flowers have many meanings behind them. According to Bouqs, giving a pink hydrangea is a symbolic way of telling a person they're the beat of your heart. They're also usually gifted on a fourth wedding anniversary to symbolize appreciation.

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Beautify the home and yard with peonies

Peonies are beautiful and abundantly sized flowers that instantly make your home feel sweeter. They are romantic and admirable flowers that fit any occasion. A favorite choice for delightful bouquets, they're often seen filling vases during spring and summer. Plus, you can display them in gorgeous fashion both inside and outside the home. Keep in mind that items you already have in the home can make lovely vases. For instance, a pitcher is ideal as a vase.

We suggest using some generously-sized pitchers to show off your pretty peonies inside the home. A pitcher like this from Williams Sonoma will work nicely. Try displaying the peonies in the kitchen or kitchen nook. For the outside patio furniture, try a stainless steel watering can such as this one from Pottery Barn. Indeed, this classic-looking silver watering can is a fun outdoor vase. Try placing them on the patio table. The chances are that your guests will comment on how fun and original it looks to have flowers inside a watering can.

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Lend some beauty to your home with the iris

We love irises. They are a flower with history. A fun fact? They're the state flower of Tennessee. According to Edible Arrangements, the petals look like the fleur-de-lis. Some parts slope down over long stems while other petals stand upright. The three upright petals signify wisdom, faith, and bravery (via Teleflora). The iris also symbolizes eloquence, and there's a meaning behind each color. The purple iris represents wisdom, while the yellow iris represents passion. The blue represents hope and faith, and the white represents purity.

They're also a decorator's favorite because of their unique beauty. You can turn a bland room into something beautiful yet not overdone with irises. Let's put some irises in taller vases in the bedroom to show off the lovely stems. This gorgeous Aoderun glass vase from Amazon will work nicely. This FUNSOBA tall clear glass vase from Amazon is the perfect addition to the bathroom. Keep fresh water in these vases and enjoy the flower's beauty.

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Spread joy with daffodils

Yellow daffodils create an energy of happiness when sprinkled around the home. They're a fantastic flower that traditionally welcomes spring and keeps decor crisp and clean. They look great with some greenery mixed into their stems as well. We prefer a clear cube vase for the daffodil, such as this Ashland glass vase from Michaels. Try displaying them as a centerpiece on your dining and side tables. They will also look fantastic on a family room coffee table.

According to the Boston Bulbs, these happy flowers represent new beginnings and friendship. They also hold meaning across the globe. In France, they symbolize hope, and in China, they represent good fortune. In Japan, they signify joy. In summary, they're a flower that represents cheerfulness worldwide. It's no wonder they're so popular. However, don't mix daffodils with other flowers. They release latex once their stems have been cut, which can shorten the life span of other flowers sharing a vase with them.

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Delight your guests with daisies

Daisies are a flower that seems to be everywhere. They grow wild in fields and decorate local flower shops. If you've ever plucked off their petals and played the "he loves me, he loves me not" game, you know that these flowers are popular for every age group. The traditional daisy features a yellow center with white petals circling it. There are other varieties, including the Gerbera daisy, which we've already discussed.

The daisy flower literally "wakes up" every morning like their Old English name, "daes eage," suggests. According to Better Homes & Garden, the daisy signifies "day's eye" since their petals close in the night and open up again in the morning, representing the dawn of a new day. The daisy is a versatile flower that looks lovely in a long vase or various bud vases throughout the home. Since daisies are durable, you can also use them for decoration outside. We like this set of three bud vases from Tableclothsfactory. The glass vases feature a ribbed design and come in different sizes. We recommend displaying them in every room of your home.

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Sunflowers brighten up the window sills

Oh, the sunflower. What a delightful flower full of sunshine and joy. Did you know these lovely flowers actually follow the sun? They remind us to keep looking toward the bright side of life. According to Bashas, the sunflower's young blossoms and buds follow the sun as the earth moves throughout the day. In the morning, the flowers face east and gradually move west during the day. This process is known as heliotropism. Now that we've dipped into botany, we'll get into decorating with these beautiful flowers.

Display your sunflowers in sunny places in your home to make them happy. We suggest putting some flowers on the window sills and letting them shine in all their yellow glory. Sunflowers have a thick and heavy stem, so select a vase accordingly. Be sure it can hold the weight of the flower. We suggest using a vase like this sunflower vase from Michael Aram, which features gold petal designs on the top and stainless steel material. To enhance the vase, check out this sunflower bowl from Michael Aram. It is a smaller bowl with sweet brass petals decorating the bottom. It's almost impossible not to grin when you see sunflowers displayed in such style.

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Liven up your living space with orchids

Orchids are beloved for their unique beauty. There are many varieties of this flower with different shapes and colors. Orchid flowers are most often seen on the plant since they last much longer than cut flowers. However, bouquets of orchids exist, and you can decide if you want a whole plant or just the cut flowers.

The best part of indoor orchids is how they enhance the aesthetic of any room. With their intricate flowers and delicate petals, they are a masterpiece in the world of natural beauty. We have a suggestion for making them last longer in the water. According to Ask Gardening, you can prolong the life of freshly cut orchids for up to three weeks by adding a little sugar and bleach to a clean vase of water. You must keep the orchids away from direct sunshine, heat, or ripe fruits. We suggest displaying the flowers in an ornate vase that shows the whole flower. However, an orchid plant will also look lovely in your living space. Enjoy the flowers this season and relish in their undeniable beauty!

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