The Best Spots In Your Home To Place A Vinyl Rug

Rugs are an element that instantly warms up and adds dimension to any space. While the addition of any sort of floor covering over hardwood, tile, or stone can be cozy and beautiful, the spaces we inhabit are not always kind to them. General wear and tear, dirt, children, and pets can wreak havoc on even the finest rugs and carpets.

Vinyl rugs or mats are a perfect alternative for spaces where you want the look of a conventional rug, but need something a little more hardy. Once the standard for more commercial spaces and outdoor use, they have been slowly filtering into homes. Available in all matter of sizes, colors, and patterns, some are designed to look just like a woven or carpet pile rug, but with durability that materials like PVC and rubber can provide. If you're stumped in choosing a rug for messier, more high-traffic spaces and don't want to worry about the durability of conventional rugs, vinyl ones might be right for you.

Why use a vinyl rug?

Vinyl rugs come in as many variations as more traditional, softer rugs — from small bath mats to long hallway runners and area rugs — they are often a cost-friendly alternative that doesn't require a pad underneath. Wrought from materials like plastic, vinyl, PVC, and rubber, they are not only durable, but also washable and, in many cases, water resistant. Meaning stains from spills and pet accidents can be easily wiped away. 

They are also amazingly low maintenance, usually requiring only to be swept, shaken out, or wiped down instead of vacuumed or professionally cleaned. Because they are not made of the fabrics traditionally used for rugs, they are also less likely to hold onto things like pet dander and pollen which can cause allergy flare-ups. Vinyl rugs come in a number of patterns and colors that can match any design scheme indoors or out, many with the same look as woven floral or Persian rugs, others with more contemporary designs and funky prints. They can also look just like more natural and porous materials like jute or sisal but are far easier to clean.

Where to put a vinyl rug

There are a few key places in your home where replacing your traditional rug with a vinyl option may be your best decision ever. This includes entryways, foyers, and mudrooms, which are subject to tracked in dirt and lots of traffic. Vinyl rugs also, however, make an excellent option for kitchens and dining rooms, especially under areas subject to spills and crumbs.

While some swear by their fluffy bath mats, vinyl rugs are also a great addition to bathrooms, they do not hold moisture and are easier to dry — most are also slip-resistant to prevent falls. Low pile and thickness make vinyl rugs particularly perfect for areas where a conventional rug may be too thick or bulky, such as an area under a swinging door or in a home office that has a chair with wheels. Vinyl rugs are also great protection for your underlying floors to prevent scratches in places like playrooms and workout rooms. They are also safer in places like stairways and bedrooms where they are flatter, heavier, and less likely to be tripped over in the night.