TikTok's Viral Pull-Out Ironing Board Will Revolutionize Your Laundry Room

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A well-outfitted laundry room or dedicated space is a must-have in any home. One of the more mundane but perpetual household tasks, the average person does about 50 to 100 loads of laundry a year, which means that a comfortable, useful set-up for the task is incredibly important. While many may focus on machinery, storage, and organization in designing their ideal space for the task, they can also overlook an important element of any setup — an ironing board.

If you spend a lot of time ironing out wrinkles, an ironing board is crucial, providing the best surface to care for your clothes. The 20th century's boards were often large and clunky — sometimes more trouble to heft and set up than they were worth, constantly falling over and getting in the way. While some mid-century homes delighted in the hidden board on the wall, these frames and cupboards were often large and unsightly, and given to wear and breakage after decades of use. But don't despair — there's a better way to execute this practical design concept.

Benefits of a hidden ironing board

Modern kitchens have some great alternatives to free-standing or wall-mounted boards. A recent Tik Tok from kitchen stylist Finizio shows off a drawer-mounted board that not only tucks away out of sight when not in use, but is remarkably easy to access. Simply fold out the drawer, pull out the track or surface, and unfold the board. It's also fully rotatable to allow you to stand in one place and use as needed, offering the functionality of a more free-standing board with all the compactness of a mounted one.

Drawer-mounted ironing boards are much more stealthy than other varieties that must be stored somewhere and can be bulky and heavy to handle. If you've ever been attacked by a falling ironing board from a closet or decided to try to iron on a table or countertop instead of pulling it out, this may be the perfect solution to stress-free ironing.

Installing a hidden ironing board

The drawer-mounted boards can be added to an existing drawer or built into a new one. Many people have also mounted them inside armoires, cabinets, or chests. They are, of course, perfect for laundry rooms or smaller setups in kitchens. They are also ideal for places like larger bathroom closets, where the need to iron often strikes. If you do not have drawers, they can also be mounted on shelves.

Adding a fold-out hidden ironing board is easy, with many kits and mounts available at retailers like Amazon, Wayfair, and Kitchen Source. Many homeowners are building hidden ironing boards into banks of lower cabinets as they are constructed, but you can also modify an existing cabinet with a kit. You will simply need to dismantle the existing drawer's front, installing hinges on the front to fold it up and down. There are some great Youtube tutorials on the installation of these boards, which can be done quite affordably for a huge impact on your laundry workflow.