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A Simple IKEA Wine Rack Transforms Into A Functional Shower Caddy With This Hack

If you're lacking space in your shower or bathroom, there's nothing more convenient than adding a simple caddy to make your everyday essentials accessible and easy to transport. Finding one that's both stylish and cost-effective, however, can be a challenge. Thankfully, if you're browsing the selection online and there's nothing catching your eye, you have another option: making your own. Clever TikToker Entela Hoxha found a way to repurpose two simple items from IKEA to create a sleek, minimalist shower caddy that's both budget-friendly and simple to assemble. 

In her TikTok, the creator combines IKEA's SNÖSPIRA wine rack and their TAVELÅN trays to create a functional and fashionable bathroom organization solution for just over $20 — no extra materials or special tools for assembly necessary. Of course, there's always room to customize to fit your needs or desired aesthetic, though extra add-ons like spray paint or contact paper could increase your final total a bit.

How to create the shower caddy

This hack is incredibly simple to pull off. All you need is the wine rack and decorative trays from IKEA, and you're good to go. In her video, Entela Hoxha takes the smaller tray from the set of two and places it in the bottom of the wine rack to create a solid surface. From there, she uses the rounded frame at the top to stack rolled towels and keep them accessible on her counter. Thanks to the rack's construction, they won't roll around or fall off with movement. The second tray from the set isn't used in the hack, but it can be placed in another spot in your bathroom to provide some additional storage space.

In the video, Hoxha simply places the newly-built rack on her counter, but there are other options for placement around your bathroom as well. Because the rack includes brackets on the back, you can easily hang it on your wall. It also has a small bar that runs across the top, so, if you intend to use it as shower storage, you can easily suspend it from the shower head like a typical caddy.

What to keep in mind

If you plan to use this caddy DIY for storage in your shower, you might want to consider swapping out the bottom trays for something a bit more water resistant. The TAVELÅN trays are made of bamboo, which, according to the IKEA website, can withstand moisture, but long-time exposure to water can cause them to warp and split. Something plastic or acrylic with similar dimensions, like this OGGI Clear Drawer Organizer, can do the job while still looking streamlined.

If you want to take this DIY a step further, you can also get creative with customization. If your bathroom is filled with trendy gold-finished hardware, try spray painting the metal wine rack to match. If you're looking to bring in more of a specific color, paint the tray the shade of your choice. Thanks to the fact that this is a DIY, your options for customization are only as limited as your imagination.