Does TikTok's Pillow Insert Hack Really Add Extra Volume?

Throw pillows are a perfect way to soften and add layers of texture, color, and pattern to any room. Whether strewn across a beautiful bed, tucked in a chair, or placed carefully on a sofa, they can go a long way toward making spaces more comfortable and stylish. All too often, however, they can become flattened with use or, sometimes, are not even very plush and fluffy, to begin with. You're left with pillows that get lost among your seating, look messy and unkempt, or lack the impact you desire.

However, a recent hack unveiled on TikTok may be the secret to perfect pillows every time. The key is the size of the cover or case in relation to the size of your insert. By manipulating these ratios, you can give your throw pillows an overstuffed and luxurious look straight out of a fancy hotel or design magazine without a great amount of labor or cost.

A hack for luxurious throw pillows

According to TikTok user @alongwithjo, the secret is using a slightly larger-sized insert than you would normally require. For an 18 by 18-inch pillow case, use a 20 by 20-inch insert. For a 22 by 22-inch casing, use a 24 by 24-inch. You can even go slightly larger if you feel your case and its opening for placing the insert will accommodate. The extra filling in a large pillow will fill out the case or cover more completely, allowing a thickness and heft that immediately makes even the cheapest pillow cover seem expensive and extravagant. 

The effect is soft and overfilled, which also means you can use fewer pillows to achieve the same softness. This great hack works not only for rectangular pillows but also for different shapes, including round cushions or barrel-shaped bolsters. For rectangular bed shams, try using a queen or king-size insert in a standard sham to add volume.

Tips and tricks for the perfect pillows

Keeping your pillows looking fresh and stylish requires a few other tricks regarding arrangement and number. Try keeping pillows in increments of odd numbers, which will prevent things from seeming too symmetrical. Consider the rule of three when choosing shapes and colors–three colors or patterns provide a good guideline. There is also an ideal number of pillows for each kind of seating to prevent the look from becoming too overwhelming. Keep in mind that with this hack, your pillows will be fuller overall, so you might want to opt for smaller-sized options to still allow enough space to sit comfortably. To add variety, try mixing rectangular pillows with bolsters or round cushions.

Also, choosing a variety of shades and patterns will draw in other colors in the room, as well as different textures. For neutral rooms, texture is particularly important. Your throw pillow selection is an excellent chance to bring in elements like woven fabrics, velvets, or fur to complement the existing fabrics in the room, as well as elements like fringe and beading for striking results. Pillows are also a fun and easy element to change seasonally, using cozy colors and textures in colder weather, holiday accents, and lighter shades and patterns for spring and summer.