How To Easily Turn An Old Pillowcase Into A DIY Dryer Sheet

Take a peek inside your linen closet, and chances are you'll find a pillowcase or two that hasn't felt the cool side of the bed in quite some time. Instead of letting those cases sit idly on a shelf, you could put them to use in some pretty creative ways, particularly in the laundry room. A little DIY can turn an old pillowcase into a laundry basket, garment bag, or even a protective carrier for shoes and stuffed animals that are set for a spin in the dryer. Speaking of, unwanted pillowcases can also be utilized as a reusable alternative to dryer sheets.

Dryer sheets serve two main purposes; reducing static cling and making your clothes smell fresh. You can accomplish both pretty easily and in a way that's much friendlier to the environment by reaching for an old pillowcase, fresh herbs or essential oils, and aluminum foil. Let's say you adore the scent of lavender. Toss fresh sprigs or oil-soaked cotton balls inside the pillowcase along with a balled sheet of foil and then tie off the opening of the case using twine or even a hair tie. The aluminum will reduce static while the sprigs and oil bring the smell-good finish.

Best herbs and oils for dryer use

Unlike boxed dryer sheets that are only available in certain scents, repurposing a pillowcase allows you to create a signature aroma. You could even vary scents to fit your mood or lifestyle. Those who like to kick off their day with a shower may want their towels infused with an energizing scent such as lemon, eucalyptus, peppermint, rosemary, or grapefruit. Sheets, on the other hand, are better suited to relaxing scents like lavender or cedarwood. You could even match the faint smell of your clothes to the holiday season by using cinnamon, nutmeg, or clove during winter.

If fresh herbs, spices, or fruit peels are available, those are the best options, as they are the safest for dryer use. Essential oils can be used inside the pillowcase, but only add a few drops because any more than that could turn flammable, per Herbal Musings. And if you're worried about the pillowcase coming untied as it tumbles, there's always the option of sewing velcro strips onto the opening for a stronger hold.

The case for ditching dryer sheets

Depending on the amount of herbs or oils used, this pillowcase hack could go for 10 or more spins in the dryer before you need to refresh the scent. Dryer sheets are typically a single-use item, so the swap is already a win for your wallet. The benefits of ditching dryer sheets go beyond that, though. Dryer sheets are a deceptive form of plastic, meaning they're incapable of breaking down in the environment. Plus, that lovely scent you smell on a dryer sheet is created with harsh chemicals that can irritate the skin, damage your clothes, or even interfere with your dryer.

If you're afraid the aluminum foil inside the pillowcase won't live up to the static reduction capabilities of a dryer sheet, try a wool ball instead. It's biodegradable and can last through hundreds of laundry loads. Plus, it'll help reduce dry times.