HGTV's Battle On The Beach Is Making One Major Change On Season 3

HGTV's "Battle on the Beach" has had a good run so far — its third season is one week into the six-week timeframe, and the audience is in for a ride. The renovation show's new season is set in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Three teams each have a vacation home to renovate with guidance from interior designers Taniya Nayak of "Build It Forward," Alison Victoria of "Windy City Rehab," and Ty Penington of "Rock the Block."

However, this season has a twist. Typically, each house is the same in size, but this time around, one team will be working with one slightly larger home. Viewers will see which team gets the bigger place in their kick-off challenge and the hard work they'll put into their renovation.

Even though one team will be working with more space, they won't get any special treatment, so they'll have to work twice as hard to keep up with their weekly plans and budgets. By the end of the season, judges Sarah and Bryan Baeumler of "Renovation Island" will decide which house tops the rest with the help of other real estate experts — and the winners will walk away with $50,000.

But how big is the larger house that one team must work with?

Two bedroom, two bath with a twist

The first and second seasons of "Battle on the Beach" kept things equal, where design experts Alison Victoria, Taniya Nayak, and Ty Pennington stayed for both seasons, and the house size was the same. The only changes made were the new teams and the location change. However, in this third season, one of the houses is larger by 200 square feet. The houses still have two bedrooms and two bathrooms, but one team has to work with a more expansive space than the other two teams, which Pennington's team chose after the kick-off challenge.

The teams have six weeks to renovate their house with a $90,000 budget that they have to use wisely. Each week, the teams remodel a new room or area around the house with a budget. The judges, Sarah and Bryan Baeumler, then do a walk-through with the design experts once their time is over. They'll discuss their thoughts and the layout, and give feedback to help the mentor and their team as they move along the house. Moreover, the teams will need to be careful not to go over budget while also creating the best result that will help them win the cash prize.

Season 3 episode 1 recap

The first "Battle on the Beach" season 3 episode aired on June 4, and the teams jumped in. The mentors got their teams assigned to them: Alison Victoria guides business partners Pete and Ben from Upper Peninsula, Michigan; Ty Pennington helps business partners Ashley and Steve from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; and Taniya Nayak mentors husband-and-wife partners Kelsey and Ryan from Uniontown, Ohio.

Each team had to renovate the kitchen and dining room for their first project. Victoria's team combined their kitchen and dining room with their living room, creating a better space flow. They opted for a two-tone green interior and incorporated more seating areas with an island and breakfast nook. The judges weren't a fan of the two-tone palette and suggested Pete and Ben should have opened up the nook with windows.

Nayak's team opened up their small, enclosed kitchen by adding wrap-around cabinetry and extra storage. Kelsey and Ryan installed new countertops, cabinets, and an island that seats five guests. They used lighter wood finishes and darker accents, which the judges weren't too thrilled over for a vacation home.

Lastly, Pennington's team made their kitchen and dining space their main focus by placing the kitchen at the front of the house. They designed it to have a modern interior with rustic accents — the stone backsplash and neutral palette create a warm and cozy space, which the judges loved the most.