Repurpose A Pringles Can Into Paint Roller Storage

Kids love Pringles — and so do quite a few adults. After eating your favorite snack, it feels like a waste to throw out the can. It has a great cylindrical shape and a secure plastic lid that makes it feel like the perfect item to repurpose for crafts or DIY storage of tiny items. Here's another repurposing option to consider: Use the empty Pringles can to store your paint roller between applications so you don't have to clean it. This storage hack keeps it moist so you can use it again the next day.

To take advantage of this cheap DIY storage option, just remove the paint roller from the handle, just like you'd do if you were changing it out for a fresh one. This is a messy job because you have to squeeze the roller and hold it firmly to pull it loose from the handle. Be sure you're wearing rubber gloves to pull it loose, or keep the plastic wrapper the roller arrived in and use it to help you remove the handle.

Rather than washing the roller and removing the soaked-up paint, just drop it into the Pringles can and attach the plastic lid. Because the can consists of foil-lined cardboard, the wet roller should not stick to the interior, allowing you to pull it out of the can and reuse it when you are ready to paint again the next day.

How the roller stays fresh in the Pringles can

The key to keeping the paint roller pliable for the next time you want to use it is to prevent the paint from drying on the roller. If it remains damp while it's in storage, you can simply pop it out, place it back on the handle, and start painting again. This DIY paint hack is worth trying when you need the wet roller again the next day.

Avoiding a dried-out roller involves keeping air from moving across the surface of it. To be completely sure air does not move in and out of the Pringles container, consider using masking tape around the edge of the lid to secure it. The plastic used in the Pringles lids can crack or tear after several uses, so if you have this problem, use tape to fix these cracks and to keep air out of the storage area.

As an added measure to ensure it will be ready to use the next day, take the Pringles container and place it inside your refrigerator. The low temperature further prevents the paint from drying on the roller. This is the same reason why paint takes a far longer time to dry in cold temperatures than it does in warm temperatures. 

Keeping messy paint at bay

Before you try this hack, it's important to remember that rollers often are messy to use. Avoiding drips when painting with a roller is challenging, and it may feel like there's always excess paint on the handle, in the tray, or on your hands.

When placing the roller into the Pringles tin, lower it carefully inside. Try to avoid bumping it into the rim at the top of the can as you are inserting it, or you're likely to cause drips to run down the exterior of the can, making a big mess. If you want extra protection against mess, consider wrapping it in thin plastic before dropping it into the container.

One other thing to consider is that Pringles cans consist of varying heights. Make sure the roller you are using will fit inside the tin. A typical Pringles can measures about 9 inches in height, although some models are 10 inches or 11.5 inches in height. Most paint rollers are 9 inches long, although minis may be 5 inches or less and larger rollers may be 12 inches or longer. Make sure it fits inside the can with the lid attached because you need to create a seal against air flow. Remember that it can be messy for you to reach inside and pull out the still-wet roller the next day, so make sure you're wearing rubber gloves before grabbing it.