This Renter Friendly TikTok Hack Is An Easy Way To Get Rid Of Vertical Blinds

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Rentals are notorious for having outdated window coverings, and one of the worst offenders is vertical blinds. They're ugly, can be loud, and don't do a great job at providing privacy, even when they're pulled closed. If you have vertical blinds covering a window or glass sliding door in your apartment, you could easily replace them with curtains. This option is much better at blocking out light and keeping the temperature in your apartment regulated throughout the seasons. 

As demonstrated by TikTok user @thespritzeffect, the first step is removing your vertical blinds, which you could store in a closet or underneath your couch or bed. Then, once your window is bare, measure the space between each of the vertical blind holders and mark the distance along the backside of your curtain. Finally, place curtain hooks at each spot and pop these hooks into the vertical blind holders. This renter-friendly hack won't damage your walls, doesn't require any tools, and is extremely easy to complete.

Using this hack in different aesthetics

Of course, this hack will update your space and give it a much more modern appearance. Replacing the typical window treatments with curtains allows you to make your apartment's design look curated to your tastes instead of having it appear like every other cookie-cutter home. While vertical blinds typically only come in white, curtains can be found in a bold color, a fun pattern, or even a subtle texture. As TikToker The Spritz Effect says in their video, "I think it makes my apartment look so cozy and personalized."

If you're going for a modern and neutral look, follow in The Spritz Effect's footsteps and choose beige curtains with a slightly textured feel. Those who love a bohemian style could choose something with tassels or small decorative elements. If you want your home to feel light and bright, use sheer curtains, while those who desire a darker and more industrial feel could decide upon a gray or black hue. Vertical stripes will make your window appear taller and may give your rental a coastal feel, while fun patterns like floral designs or geometric shapes will provide a more traditional look. 

Gathering materials

To complete this simple hack, you'll need to purchase a couple of inexpensive items, beginning with the curtains themselves. Make sure these are wide enough to span the length of your window and ensure that they're also long enough to cover all the glass. You'll also need curtain hooks, and there are a couple of types to choose from. In The Spritz Effect's TikTok, they use metal hooks, which you could buy on Amazon. However, there are hooks with clips, which are also on Amazon. If you want these to be hidden behind the vertical blind box, choose the smallest size available.

While removing your blinds and hanging your curtains, you'll likely need a step stool or a sturdy chair to stand on. You'll also need a ruler or a measuring tape, so you can accurately measure how far away each vertical blind holder is and a pen or a marker to indicate where each hook needs to go on the backside of your curtains. Finally, after hanging your curtains, you may find that the fabric is slightly wrinkled, in which case you could steam it. A curtain steamer could be purchased on Amazon, which you can easily fill with water and hold up to the fabric.