How To Steam Your Curtains For The Perfect Wrinkle-Free Look

Curtains are essential parts of interior decor. Not only do curtains add to home aesthetics, but they also help with the privacy of your space and control the amount of lighting entering your home, says Britannica. However, when your curtains get all crumpled up and wrinkled, half its purpose is rather defeated because, let's face it, where is its beauty? There are things that could contribute to crumpled-up curtains. Low-quality fabrics have a tendency to wrinkle easily. The wrong sizing can also be an issue, as curtains are prone to appearing creasy with the addition of unnecessary length and width. 

It might get rather tempting to order new ones after unsuccessfully attempting to straighten out these messy look curtains. The thing is, there are a plethora of ways you can curb those pesky creases. In fact, we've curated several simple, detailed, and interesting DIY methods to steam your curtains for the perfect wrinkle-free look in no time.

Steam your curtains with a steamer

According to Deconovo, you can get rid of wrinkles by reducing the moisture on the material. The steaming process is often very fast, and you'll be done in less than ten minutes, depending on the method applied. Martha Stewart writes that it's the easiest method you can use to get wrinkles off your curtains. The only appliance you need to get this done is a steamer. Not to worry, the steamer comes in handy for other activities within the home.

One of the steaming methods is by steaming directly without removing the curtains. To get started, you need to arrange the curtains in a way you'll be comfortable using the steamer. Then, fill up the steamer with water and plug it into the source. You need to be careful when using the steamer and follow precautions written in the manufacturer's guide. This also helps you understand the steps to use the steamer and its right settings for different fabrics as well.

As you begin to steam the curtains, work vertically, moving the steamer from the top of the curtain to the bottom. An irregular movement of the steamer will not give you the desired results. So, continue with these steps until all the fabric sides are perfectly steamed. You may work on the other side of the curtains to completely get rid of the creases. This step can also be carried out on a shower rod if you're more comfortable using this method (via New York Carpet Cleaning.)

Use an iron

If you feel getting a steamer will affect your budget, you can achieve the same result with a steaming iron, according to WikiHow. One of the top considerations for you before buying an iron is selecting a multi-functional type. This helps you save more while achieving the same aim. However, you need to be sure about the curtain's fabric tolerance to steaming before moving ahead with this method. You can carry out a brief spot test to be sure about this, says DIY Bunker. If you're worried about iron stains, you can check out our iron cleaning guide.

the first step is to get a proper steam iron for the job, then remove your curtains from the rod and place them on an ironing board. A well-balanced table will also work just fine. Before placing the curtains on the table, you may decide to spread a layer of light fabric on the board. Then, gently place the curtain on the board. In case it's bigger than the board, you can work on a part at a time.

Plug in your iron and allow it to heat up for two to three minutes. Then, move the iron around the curtain targeting its ends and sides properly. Straighten them working from top to bottom. Remember, the iron shouldn't be left on the fabric for too long to avoid damage. Repeat the process until you're satisfied with the look of your curtains, and then hang them back.

Place weights on curtains to remove wrinkles

A very traditional method still relevant in removing wrinkles is adding weights to the bottom of the curtains to pull them tightly and straighten them out. According to Steamer Advice, placing weights on curtains is one method all fabrics tolerate without any side effects — perfect if you're worried that heat treatments or moisture may damage your curtains. These weights are often ceramics or lead materials. Traditional weights are available in most stores and are very affordable as well, most times under $20.

When using weights on your curtains, you do not need to bring them off the rod as you can get the desired results while they are still hung. To get started with this process, simply attach these weights to the bottom of the curtains. The added weight will pull down the curtain fabric gently, and in no time, the wrinkles are gone.

If you don't have weights on hand, you can also work out this magic with a butter knife, says Blackout Curtain Dubai. If your curtains are designed with openings at the hem, then the butter knife technique is the best way, although it may take a few days to perfectly even out. Before inserting the knives, slightly dampen the curtain from top to bottom. Then, place the knives at an equal distance for the best results.

Apply wrinkle-release sprays on your curtains

With the absence of an iron, steamer, and weights, you can easily get rid of creases by applying wrinkle-release sprays, writes Plant Therapy. Not only does a wrinkle-release spray work for curtains, but it also comes in handy for furniture surfaces and clothing. So, you get more value for the money spent on its purchase after your curtains are straight.

This wrinkle-release spray works like magic, and it gets your curtains smooth in a short while. But remember, the aim is value for money, so you should always purchase a quality wrinkle release spray. To get you started, MSN Lifestyle has an A-list of quality and effective wrinkle-release sprays, which you can check out. However, for the DIY enthusiast, you could always make your own wrinkle release spray. At a close range, spray the content in the bottle on the curtain sides and watch for a while. Slowly, the wrinkles are gone. You may want to spot-check your curtains to be sure this spray won't damage them before doing the entire thing, though.

Hang curtains in a steaming room to remove wrinkles

Using some wrinkle-release products can be harmful to you and your family, according to Daily Record. If you're quite sensitive to chemical products and wouldn't want to risk it, then here's another method to get wrinkles off your curtains.

Just like humans enjoy entering and staying in steam rooms, your curtains will definitely prefer getting hung in a steam room to incessant pulling and stretching from everyone. According to Mr. Steam, this method is very effective and faster than spraying. The best part is that you can easily create a steam room by running hot water from your bathroom shower, and within 10 to 15 minutes, the room should be moist and steamy. Before that, ensure all windows are perfectly closed to prevent steam from escaping, says Deconovo.

In the steamed room, place your curtains on the bathtub (hanging them from the shower rod is a great trick) to absorb the moisture from the hot water and leave for a while. Repeat this process till all your curtains are well steamed and wrinkle-free. Then, leave to dry in an open space for a while before hanging again. You'll notice your curtains are well-straightened, shiny, and good to go back to their spots after this process.