The Home Decor Elements Jonathan Scott Loves To Promote Good Feng Shui

The Property Brothers are experts at transforming homes regardless of the challenges they come across. When faced with the task of redesigning a 1970s Los Angeles home within a $110,000 budget, they have to meet their clients' desires of creating a home that aligns with the guidelines of feng shui. They gain a lot from the process themselves, with Jonathan Scott identifying light colors and wooden elements as important sources of positive energy in a home.

Good feng shui is important to the client because it involves feeling more harmony, peace, and cohesion in her home. When designing a home, adhering to its principles can be the difference between opposite energy levels like feeling negative or positive, closed or open, and happy or sad. "The more I learn about feng shui, the more interesting it is and the more I want to learn," says Jonathan Scott (via Realtor). After finding what creates positive feelings in the home, he makes it a mission to prioritize the presence of those elements.

Wood elements

Wood is a great element to promote good feng shui because it is associated with various positives. You can incorporate it through solid, high-quality furniture pieces, accents, decorations, and floors. Jonathan Scott learns that wood promotes growth and strength, and makes it a mission to prioritize its presence. He selects light hardwood for the new flooring because it will open up the space and retain its beauty over time. The natural energy of wood brought by big and small touches like these will create a warm, grounding atmosphere in your home.

Feng shui is based on balancing the five elements and creating a harmonious space requires the right complements to wood. Plants and flowers are a good example. By placing them strategically around the house, you can bring in some vitality and vibrant energy. Earthy color schemes with shades of green, brown, and beige for your walls or accessories can also contribute to a grounding environment. Try not to overdo the presence of wood because too much can create an energy that is overwhelming or stagnant. Balance throughout the home is always key to a harmonious flow of energy.

Light colors

The brothers also learn that light colors play a big role in good energy, which leads them to choose brick white for the fireplace. Using light colors in home décor is a sure way to create a sense of spaciousness, freshness, and tranquility. To incorporate light colors, opt for neutrals, maximize natural light, and be strategic with artificial lighting. Shades of white, cream, gray, and other pastel colors help to reflect light, so walls, floors, and pieces in lighter colors make a space feel open and airy.

White is a great dominant color for the kitchen so it can serve as the background for what you prepare, while light pinks or greens are great to invite love or vitality into the bedroom. Allow natural light to fill your space as much as possible to get the best of the colors, avoid heavy, thick window treatments or furniture so they don't weigh down the space, and supplement natural light with well-placed light fixtures to create an inviting atmosphere that feels balanced.