Jonathan Scott's Bedroom Tips For Sweet Dreams

The current layout of your bedroom may be why you're having difficulty falling asleep. A plethora of factors related to interior design may be the cause of your fatigue, such as lighting, smell, color, and functionality, according to Alaska Sleep Clinic. With many successful home renovations under his belt, co-host of "Property Brothers" Jonathan Scott has revealed several tips to get a better night's rest through design, per Architectural Digest. He and his twin brother/co-host Drew Scott are known for having helped countless couples find and renovate the homes of their dreams, per HGTV.

Jonathan Scott believes he knows the right ways to incorporate colors, lighting, and more into the bedroom to create the ultimate resting space. If you believe your current décor pieces are the reason why your nights are restless, take a look at exactly how décor and function are related to the mood you feel when you're in the bedroom.

Remember the purpose of your bedroom

The sole purpose of a bedroom is to relax and rest. However, Jonathan Scott believes you may find it hard if a desk or any other workstation is present, per Architectural Digest. Having a constant reminder of work in your bedroom will cause everlasting stress, so your bedroom needs to be a separation from daily activities. A desk in your bedroom will only remind you of deadlines and unfinished tasks.

"I love having a sitting area where you can read a book, but that's it," Scott told Architectural Digest. Depending on the space of your bedroom, there's a variety of seating arrangements to create a cozy spot to relax before hitting the hay, per HGTV. For example, you can place a cozy loveseat at the end of your bed to lay upon and unwind. If you desire a space to sit and drink a hot cup of tea, you can substitute the loveseat for two chairs and a small table.

Comfy design tactics

"I believe in choosing a color palette, finishes, and textures that are going to give you that cozy feeling," Scott told Architectural Digest. As cooler temperatures quickly creep up on us, Scott advises substituting your thin throw blankets for faux furs, as this will create a comfier mood for your bedroom. He also advises introducing heavier drapery into the bedroom, as this will maintain warmer temperatures inside, which in turn will help you sleep during those cool nights.

The color of your bedroom walls is also very important, and Scott warns against the use of bright paint colors, as they are more prone to having a shocking effect. However, this doesn't mean your bedroom has to be full of neutral colors. He says bright colors can be incorporated with flowers or throw pillows. Some relaxing colors you can paint your walls with are soft lavender, white, light blue, or dusty pink, per Shutterfly.