Repurpose Old Lampshade Frames Into DIY Hanging Plant Holders

Hanging plants are a great way to maximize your space and keep blooms away from curious animals. Thankfully, there is a simple upcycling solution that allows you to build your own baskets to display existing pots without having to disturb your plants' delicate root systems, and all it takes is a few thrifted lampshades. To build this DIY hanging plant holder, all you need are secondhand lampshades that have been stripped down to just the frames, a few chains to connect the pieces, and a bit of spray paint to keep everything looking consistent.

Unless you bought a plant that's already in a pot you can suspend from your roof, you have to buy a separate planter and go through the difficult process of repotting your favorite plants. With this hack, you can make your own hanging baskets to display flowers and grow fresh herbs on your porch. This solution might seem a bit out of the box at first glance, but, once everything is assembled, you'll be left with a sturdy display piece that looks store-bought.

How to build a lampshade hanging planter

To begin this process, you're going to have to find some lampshades to use as your base. Thankfully, lampshades are one of the most common items to find secondhand or at thrift stores, and they usually only cost a few dollars each. For this build, it's best to use a set of multiple small lampshades, similar to the size you'd see on a sconce or smaller desk lamp, but you can cater your selection and the number of shades you buy to what the store has available.

From there, strip off the outer layer of the fabric to leave only the frame exposed, and spray paint everything to match the chain you have on hand or give everything a coat of new color. This step is optional, though it does help everything look more consistent if you're working with different metals. Finally, use some metal chain to connect your pieces together, any thin metal chain that can be opened with pliers will do the job.

How to customize this hack

Thanks to the relative simplicity of this hack, there's plenty of room for customization. If you plan to store herbs, a tri-level plant holder with three small, thrifted lampshades is perfect to give you access to your most commonly-used herbs, but you can increase or decrease this number based on your needs. Larger lampshades can work for bigger pots as long as you ensure they can handle the extra weight. If you can't find a set, it could also be fun to find shades in varying sizes for different-sized pots. Place the largest on the bottom, then work your way up to the smallest for a more mixed look.

The final cost of this project all depends on where you find your materials, but it can easily be accomplished for under $20 if you're shopping secondhand. With a bit of effort and some clever hunting for deals, you'll be left with a functional piece that is perfectly fit for your needs without breaking the bank.