Alison Victoria Explains Why Tile Flooring Doesn't Belong In The Bedroom

Choosing the right flooring for your bedroom can be a challenge — the goal should always be to mix comfort with aesthetics. However, no matter what you're prioritizing more, HGTV star Alison Victoria says you should always avoid one particular floor material in the bedroom: tile. On this season of "Battle on the Beach," Victoria is coaching the team of Ben Argall and Pete Meldrum, who told her during the 2nd episode that they want to line not only the primary bathroom with tiles, but also the bedroom. To this, Victoria asked them, "Why would you?"

Her main reasons for being so against a tile floor in the bedroom boil down to practicality. While it can feel cooling when it's hot out, this material won't be beneficial in the colder months of the year. Further, it's also much more difficult to install than other materials like vinyl, hardwood, or carpet, as you'll need to add grout and make sure every tile is straight. Instead, Victoria and her "Battle on the Beach" team chose to add what looks like vinyl planks, which ultimately helped them win the challenge and the $3,000 prize.

Why tile doesn't typically belong in the bedroom

Along with Alison Victoria's reasons for not liking tile in the bedroom, there are a few other things to consider about this material as well. Not only does tile feel cold underfoot, but it also feels much harder than other options, which could hurt your feet over time. This can also make your bedroom have less of a peaceful ambiance, as it won't beckon you to come and relax. Tile floors can also be loud, which may cause rooms underneath the bedroom to always be plagued by the sound of footsteps. Because it's an uncommon choice, a tile bedroom floor may also affect the resale value of your home and cause it to be worth less money.

Proponents of tile, though, will point out the material's durability, along with the fact that it's easy to clean and can't be damaged by water. Further, unlike carpeting, which can hold dust and hair inside its fiber, tile can benefit a room's air quality. However, it's important to note that, while these benefits are great, they're also true about both vinyl and hardwood, which may be better bedroom floor material choices.

The only circumstance where this flooring might work

There's really only one circumstance where a tile bedroom floor might work, and it has to do with the style of the home you're renovating. If you're working on a Spanish, Italian, or Tuscan-style home, all of which are known for their love of tile, this material may work in the space. This is because it could make the whole home feel more cohesive and give it an unexpected appearance.

It's also best to add tile to homes located in extremely warm areas of the world, as no one wants to get out of bed on a cold day and be met with a cold floor underneath their feet. If you really wanted to include this material in a home that was located in a colder area, there are a few ways to get around the temperature. For one, you could heat the tiles from underneath, which would really give your bedroom a luxurious feel. You could also add soft area rugs or always wear slippers when in the room.