These Small Hydrangea Varieties Are Perfect For A Small Yard

When it comes to curating a garden, having limited space can pose a challenge. Still, even with a small yard, you can enjoy the beauty and charm of hydrangeas. Hydrangeas are famous for their bold blooms of blues, pinks, and purples along with lush green foliage. There are several small hydrangea varieties that are perfect for compact outdoor spaces. For example, several types of dwarf hydrangeas are excellent options for small space gardens — they require little pruning and thrive either in the ground or in containers. They are also available in a range of colors from brilliant blues to precious pinks.

Another variety of hydrangeas that are great for small yards are the lacecaps, named for their delicate flower blooms, forming frilly edges around tight round bulbs. One variety in particular, Tiny Tuff Stuff Mountain Hydrangea, only grows to about 2 feet in height and width and requires no pruning at all. It will return every year and is one of the smallest varieties of hydrangeas, making it perfect for small yards or containers. Like their cousins, they are also available in a range of colors — most notably their deep fuchsia and periwinkle.

Dwarf hydrangea varieties

Dwarf hydrangea varieties are ideal for small yards due to their compact size and manageable growth habits. These charming plants offer all the beauty of their larger counterparts, but in a smaller, tamed package. One popular dwarf hydrangea is the "Little Lime" hydrangea. It grows to a maximum height of just 3 to 5 feet, making it an excellent choice for smaller gardens or even container planting. It is the younger sibling of the "Limelight" hydrangea, which can grow to be 8 feet tall. Though small, the "Little Lime" hydrangea produces large, conical flower heads that begin the season green and gradually turn to a lovely shade of pale lime. They bloom in mid-summer and last until early fall. Their compact size and attractive blooms make them a standout in any small yard.

Another notable dwarf hydrangea is the "Bobo" hydrangea. Standing at just 2 to 3 feet tall, this variety is perfect for adding color and elegance to tight spaces. Despite its small stature, the "Bobo" hydrangea produces an abundance of large, white flower heads in early summer that transform into soft pink as they age. By late summer, they deepen to a regal purple hue. Its sturdy branches prevent toppling over, ensuring that this dwarf hydrangea remains upright and compact. With its stunning blooms and manageable size, the "Bobo" hydrangea is a true gem for small gardens and will reach its maximum size within two years.

Lacecap hydrangea varieties

Lacecap hydrangeas are another group of hydrangea varieties that work well in small yards. These hydrangeas contain a perimeter of delicate, flat flower heads surrounding tight tiny clusters, creating an intricate appearance that resembles a lace cap. One noteworthy lacecap hydrangea for smaller gardens is the "Tuff Stuff" hydrangea, the slightly larger cousin to the "Tiny Tuff Stuff" variety. This compact variety reaches a height and width of just 2 to 3 feet, making it a great option for tight spaces or a potted plant. The "Tuff Stuff" hydrangea blooms profusely, producing clusters of lovely lacecap flowers that transition from mauve to blue or pink depending on soil acidity. Its ability to thrive in both sun and partial shade makes it versatile and adaptable to various small-yard conditions.

Another beautiful lacecap hydrangea is the "Bluebird" hydrangea. This compact shrub reaches a height of 3 to 4 feet, making it an excellent choice for smaller landscapes. Its lacecap flowers exhibit a captivating combination of blue or pink hues, depending on soil pH. The "Bluebird" hydrangea is also known for its glossy green foliage, which adds an extra touch of elegance to any small yard. This variety thrives in partial shade and benefits from regular pruning at the end of its blooming season to maintain its compact form. It is one of few varieties of hydrangea that will also bloom well into the fall.