Vaseline Might Be The Secret To Fixing Up Your Scuffed Leather Furniture

Leather furnishings are a popular choice among homeowners due to their elegant look, sturdiness, and ease of cleaning. Even though leather furniture can withstand the test of time, they're highly susceptible to scratches and marks, especially if you've pets or young children in the house. Since replacing them might not be a viable option given their price tag, you can dig out Vaseline from your cabinets to restore your scuffed furniture.

Vaseline is an inexpensive product that can be used to moisturize your leather furniture and remove any unwanted marks and minor scratches from its surface. Being a colorless petroleum jelly, it can even be employed to treat dry leather, protect your furniture against water damage, enhance its color and shine, and scrub it clean. Although it can work wonders for your leather furniture and help you maintain it, Vaseline's greasiness can leave behind permanent stains and break down the leather if it's not used the right way.

How to apply Vaseline on your leather furniture

Before you apply Vaseline to the scuffs on your leather furniture, it's essential to testĀ if it irritates the furniture's surface. Just apply a small amount on a concealed spot and buff the area after it dries. If you don't notice any damage after some time, you can confidently use Vaseline to remedy the scuffs.

Clean your leather furniture using a damp cloth to get rid of any accumulated dirt and dust, and let it air dry. Now, get a lint-free microfiber cloth to prevent any residue from getting stuck in the leather. Use the cloth to rub small amounts of Vaseline thoroughly onto the marks and scratches. After you're satisfied with the application, leave the surface untouched for at least an hourĀ before cleaning the excess. You can buff the surrounding areas gently with a cloth or brush to rub away extra grease, polish your leather furniture, and protect it from external damage.

Other ways to treat your scuffed leather furniture

Though Vaseline is a great option to de-scuff your leather furniture, it's a temporary solution that works only on minor marks. If the marks and scratches are deeper, you must either contact a professional or use tried and tested products, such as leather fiber binder, dye, and conditioner.

The first step is to clean your leather furniture. Once clean, use a leather conditioner to buff your furniture to prevent it from getting too dry. Pour some conditioner on a clean cloth and rub it on the scratch in small circles. If the scratch isn't too deep, rubbing the conditioner a few times will work wonders for your furniture. If the scratch is deep, you can turn to a leather fiber binder or dye to fill out the scratches.

Being a glue-like substance, the fiber will bind the threads of the leather to help you fix scratches on leather furniture. Just pour it on a sponge, rub it on the scratch, and let it sit for a few minutes to dry. You can employ a leather dye in a similar fashion to remove scratches from your leather furniture without damaging its color.