Turn An Older Wire Clothes Hanger Into A Mounted Book Holder

Being an avid reader leads to an overflow of books in your home. Whether you read novels, storybooks, or magazines, they'll take up space on bookshelves, coffee tables, desks, nightstands, etc. Therefore, you'll need more space to store them. Once you start creating piles of books along the walls, it's time to think of a different storage strategy. For example, if you have a box of old wire clothes hangers, use them to hold your magazines or books. They're easily bendable, allowing you to create a small book rack. 

Moreover, hangers, in general, are handy in most DIY projects, like making a great paper towel holder or hanging your favorite houseplants to show them off around your home. So, instead of storing them in your garage or throwing them out, find ways to incorporate them in your home to use as décor. If you don't have any extra wire hangers and you're running out of space to store your books, you can purchase them at your local thrift store or Dollar Tree at an affordable price. All you need for this project are wire hangers, nails, a hammer, and your magazines or books.

DIY wire hanger holder keeps books in pristine condition

Once you gather all your materials (wire hanger, nail, hammer, and magazines or books), decide where to hang your wire rack. Choose from the living room to the kid's bedroom to the bathroom. The kids will get much use out of the wire rack if they have multiple reading materials. Alternatively, you can place them in high-traffic areas to always have something to flip through.

Making the wire book holder takes less than 15 minutes. First, shape the wire hanger. Take the legs of the hanger and straighten them out as flat as they can go. The body should look like a vertical rectangle with the hook at the top. Then, bend the corners slightly to create an L-shape and bend the L-shape in half to create a U-shape. Next, hammer the nail where you will hang the wire holder. Finally, suspend the wire hanger and display your magazines, storybooks, and other books.

Create a book stand with a wire hanger

Making a wire hanger book stand is another creative way to hold your books, especially when using them. Sometimes when you're trying to follow a cookbook recipe, you lean the book against a solid background, but it slides down. So, you're stuck having to walk over to it and skim through it while it's lying flat on the countertops. Instead of building a book holder with kitchen items or décor to keep your book steady, a wire hanger can keep your book in place. All you need is a wire hanger and pliers.

First, bend both legs down to meet in the middle. Using your pliers, pinch the ends together of each leg and bend the end of the leg to create a stand. You'll want to fold the legs twice to create a slight U-shape. Then, fold the hook's base at a 90-degree angle and bend the hook into a circle with your pliers. Next, separate the base wires and connect the bottom wire to the inside of the circle. Finally, slide your open book onto the wire holder and start reading. Place it in the kitchen to read your cookbook or on your desk to multitask between reading and note-taking.