A Bungee Cord Is All You Need To Make Sure Your Trash Cans Never Fall Over In The Wind

It's not uncommon to occasionally see a trash can flying down the road due to the wind, as it can sometimes be strong enough to make everything move far from where it's supposed to be. However, there's a way to deal with this issue once and for all: bungee cords. Using bungee cords can solve many problems around the house, ranging from holding your trash cans in place on windy days to storing tools in your garage or a warehouse.

Bungee cords are highly stretchy ropes commonly used for people to jump from high places; it's also an essential piece of equipment when bungee jumping. They serve a number of purposes and can help both you and your trash cans, regardless of the season. If you live in a windy area and are tired of running after your trash can after experiencing strong winds, here's a quick and cheap way to make your trash cans stay in place. 

How to use bungee cords to keep trash cans in place

We have a number of easy-to-follow steps to take to stop your trash cans from falling over all the time, with the help of bungee cords. First, go to the hardware store and buy the materials needed. For each trash can, get one 30-inch bungee cord with hooks on each end and two ¾-inch screw eyes. You'll also need measuring tape and a drill, to make holes in order to install the screw eyes.

After you gather everything, place each trash can alongside the wall or fence that you want to keep them closest to. If you are securing the trash cans to a wall, measure the diameter of each trash can and transfer that measurement to the wall. Then, drill a hole at each end of that measurement and screw in the screw eyes. Finally, hook the bungee cord around the trash can; the rope will keep the can from falling and keep the trash bag in place, to stop it from flying away.

However, no drill is needed if you secure your trash cans to a mesh or wire fence. Hook the bungee cord to each side of the trash can and you're done; it shouldn't fly away anytime soon.

Other considerations

Although bungee cords are cheap and easy to work with, there are other ways to handle flying trash cans, whether it's a windy day or not. On breezy days, try not to overfill the trash can so that you can avoid the lid becoming uncovered, thereby causing a big mess. In addition, bag all of your trash and place lighter bags under heavy ones to add an extra layer of weight that can help prevent the trash from flying or falling over quickly.

However, on days that aren't windy, it's also recommended to have the trash cans in place to make your and your garbage collector's lives easier. Implementing the same hack shared above, building a concrete base where the cans can fit tightly, or using a magnetic anchor to secure them are also helpful solutions.

Regardless of where you live, stopping your trash cans from falling over is important. With this bungee cord trick, securing your trash cans before they tip over or fly away is pretty simple. And if you'd like to hide your trash cans, we have some tips and tricks for that as well.