Nate Berkus' Top Tips For Incorporating 3D Wall Art Into Your Home

When decorating a blank wall, most people decide to hang artwork, paintings, or photographs. However, while these can be great options, there's another way to add visual interest to your walls, per Nate Berkus. Speaking with the "Today" show, the HGTV star shared, "We love using 3D elements that feel surprising." Berkus recommends using items like woven baskets, plates, or wall hangings like tapestries. Basically, anything that protrudes from the flat surface of the wall or has an interesting texture will make a huge statement in your home. 

For example, when creating a gallery wall of family photographs, Berkus told his followers on Facebook: "Pro tip — you can also add objects to your wall! Momentos + pieces of nature will make the space feel interesting." These "objects" might include things like rocks, shells, or strings of beads. Another example of this approach is choosing the right frame. "I care deeply about what frame that photo or artwork is in," said Berkus (via Chairish). This will elevate a photograph, note from a loved one, or piece of art from something that blends into the wall to something that literally stands out and could become the focal point in the room.

Other 3D items Berkus has decorated with

There are countless 3D items you could hang on the walls in your home to provide the flat surface with more interest and personality. In Nate Berkus' own home, he uses lots of 3D items in his children's bedrooms. For instance, both of their spaces have neon signs that display their first names. In the hallway between their rooms, there's another neon sign that reads, "My heart loves your heart." His daughter Poppy has a decorative mirror on one of her walls, while his son Oskar has a leather animal head on his.

Berkus also has a collection of décor items with Chairish, and some of them would add more texture to your walls as well. For instance, you could choose to use artwork that has a 3D component like those by Ron Giusti, which feature drips of paint. Another way to go is to add a unique wall sconce, like this one by Kelly Wearstler, which has a round light fixture on a brass backing. In an Instagram post of an outdoor space, Berkus showcased a display of brass animal statues on a white wall, which is yet another example of how eclectic and unusual your 3D items can be.

How to choose the right 3D items

When choosing the right 3D decorations to hang on your walls, Nate Berkus says it's important to find items that are meaningful to you. "There's these moments that we have every time we allow something to cross the threshold of our home," Berkus said in an interview with Hunker. "We can stop and ask ourselves, 'Does it evoke something important to me, or does it not?'" Practically, this means buying vintage pieces that remind us of our past, collecting trinkets while on vacation, or only using decorations we truly enjoy.

Another tip is to slowly grow your collection of personal items. "Decorating your home should feel like fun, not a chore," Berkus told Chairish. "You don't have to have it all figured out overnight. Invest in pieces when you can, and take time to figure out how you want to live in your space." Therefore, your collection of 3D wall hangings may take time to develop, and you should feel free to switch out or rearrange your items as desired.