How To Upgrade Your Small Balcony With Deck Tiles

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A balcony has always been an exciting place to spend your time, there is just a certain romance about it... However, life is not always romantic, and without the correct set-up, your balcony can feel brutalist and boring. Many balconies are quite small, and too often they become just a place for fresh air when they could be so much more of a creative space. Why not try an inexpensive easy DIY upgrade like deck tiles? Simply choose a suitable material and design and lay them down, they'll fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. This simple upgrade can change the concept of your balcony and give it that top-to-bottom finish that it may otherwise lack.

Deck tiles are a budget- and environmentally-friendly way to revamp your balcony. If you haven't seen deck tiles before, they are rectangular blocks that interlock with one another, leveling up the balcony with a comfortable and stylish floor covering. And, there are many interesting styles, ranging from different colors to interlocking patterns and materials. Choosing the right tile depends on what look you're going for. Luckily, all these options are available at places like Home Depot, Amazon, and Ikea.

Choosing the right style of tiles

One popular option is solid wood deck tiles as they provide a natural aesthetically pleasing look to your balcony and are available in various colors, wood species, and grain patterns, such as these from Amazon and Home Depot. Although, easy to install and cost-effective, wood tiles may fade over time due to sun exposure and are susceptible to rot warping and insects if not properly cared for — which is why composite deck tiles exist.

The beauty of composite deck tiles is that they are made from a combination of wood fibers and recycled plastics, providing a durable yet low-maintenance option. For that reason, they are a little more expensive and may have a plastic-like appearance, which may not appeal to everyone. They come in a wide range of colors, from California redwood to Japanese cedar, like the ones at Home Depot.

Another cost-effective, lightweight, and easy-to-install option is rubber or PVC deck tiles, available on Amazon. These are often made from recycled materials and offer good slip resistance. This is an excellent choice for balconies that experience harsh weather as these tiles are durable and weather resistant, however, they don't have quite the same aesthetics as wood. 

How to install balcony deck tiles

First, gather the essentials: a measuring tape, a saw, a rubber mallet, and a trusty level. Step one involves some surface preparation. Clean and level your balcony, making sure there aren't any lifts or bumps, which may prevent the tiles from sitting straight. Decide on your preferred pattern before moving forward — for the best results, start in the center. As you work towards the edges, you will need to cut some tiles to size which can be done with a small hand saw. Depending on their design, you can either interlock the tiles like puzzle pieces or use adhesive to prevent any shifting — ensuring they're firmly attached and perfectly aligned. 

Finally, give your deck a celebratory clean... grab a broom and a damp cloth, and give it a sweep and a wipe to bring out the shine. By following these installation and maintenance tips, you'll transform your small balcony into a captivating outdoor space. With wood, composite, or rubber your balcony will become a cozy retreat or an entertainment hotspot you won't want to leave.