Easily Remove Fuzz From Your Paint Roller With These Two Cheap Tricks

When painting your house, it's easy to blow a limited budget. Paint can be expensive, so making it go further is the number one priority, which is why using a roller is the best tool for the job. A descent-sized paint roller is ideal for spreading out paint thinly and evenly across large flat surfaces like walls and ceilings. Plus, they help you get the job done quicker by holding way more paint than a paintbrush.

If you're opting for cheaper tools to help keep costs down, though, a budget paint roller may be more hassle than it's worth, as shedding fuzz can ruin paintwork. Luckily, we have two cheap tricks to help you easily remove fuzz from your roller so that you can keep them clean, stay within your budget, and enjoy a perfect finish. The answer to your problems lies in some trusty packing tape or a lint roller that you can buy cheaply from the dollar store. No, it's not rocket science, but the best hacks never are! Just make sure you choose the best paint roller for your project.

How to use packing tape to remove fuzz from a paint roller

Now that you know you're using the right tool for the job, let's get into how to use this clever hack to get the finish you want, starting with packing tape. People seem to prefer packing tape over a lint remover for this hack, as it's much easier to use with the method shown in the YouTube shorts video above.

You'll need your paint roller and some extra sticky packing tape. The stickiest tape you can find is probably duct tape, but you can use masking tape or plain old packing tape too. Whatever type you go for, the most important thing is to get a nice wide roll, as this will make the job quicker and less fiddly.

The easiest method is to pull out a length of the tape. Then, without cutting the length off, hold the roll on the floor with your foot or in between your legs if that's easier. Next, simply roll your paint roller up and down the sticky side of the tape. Make sure that you roll each section of the paint roller if it's a wide one, and use fresh sections of tape to get the most fluff off.

How to use a lint remover to remove fizz from a paint roller

If you're using a lint remover for this hack, it's slightly more tricky, depending on the type of lint remover you go for. Generally, there are two types — those that roll and those that don't. Using one that rolls makes this job much harder because your pain roller rolls too! However, it's not impossible to use it in the same way as a non-rolling lint remover.

To do this, hold your paint roller by the fluffy cylinder instead of the handle so that it can't roll. Now you can roll a rolling lint roller up and down the shaft, moving all the way around the paint roller section by section.

Use the same method with a non-rolling lint remover. Make sure that you take time in between sections to de-lint your lint removers. In the case of lint removers that require you to brush in one direction, take care not to undo all of your work by brushing in the wrong direction and transferring all the fluff back onto the roller.