Try Cameron Diaz's Genius Way To Hide A Boring Wall With Plants At Home

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Cameron Diaz's luxury home features a row of trees on the big wall in her backyard and the presence of these slim, tall olive trees against the gray definitely adds some visual interest to the space. Hiding a boring wall with vertical plants also adds greenery and makes the yard feel more lush without taking up more space. To do this, you need to know the climate and weather conditions in the area of your wall and what plants are best suited to be placed there.

There are different kinds of vertical garden walls. You can plant herbs, flowers, vegetables, or different types of regular plants, based on what you want for the space. If it's all about aesthetics, then you can think of the colors and shapes you want to see. If you want more space to garden, then you have to focus on what vegetables or herbs will thrive in that location.

How to create your own plant wall

While Cameron Diaz's plant wall is outside, know you can also have one indoors! Wherever you decide, the first step is to assess the wall to know the amount of sunlight it receives throughout the day. This will help you choose the right plants because some thrive in direct sunlight while others prefer shade. Next, choose the appropriate plants and containers if applicable. You can have normal trees, climbing plants, or mounted plants.

For outside, consider the climbing hydrangea because it's good for whatever climate you're in. It also climbs well and works with most soils. Ferns, vines, and succulents are great choices for both indoor and outdoor walls because they grow easily and are low maintenance. If you're using containers or hanging planters, look for varieties that can tolerate being grown in these. To care for wall plants, clean and water them regularly and ensure they're healthy, but also trim and prune them so they maintain a nice appearance and don't become overgrown.

Now, add some personality

As you decorate your plain wall with plants, consider turning it into the focal point of the space. If you choose hanging plants, get creative with the containers by mixing them up instead of buying the same ones. Target has metal bucket planters, ceramic planters, and macrame planters that you can combine for a variety of textures. You can also DIY some planters by upcycling household items like old baskets, teapots, kettles, bottles, and tin cans.

A mirror can be another nice, simple addition to your plant wall. Get a frame that matches the environment and position it to reflect something attractive in the space. Just be careful not to place it right in the sunlight. It might even be possible to shield it between the leaves. Floating shelves on the wall can also be a good addition to the wall. Use that to display weather-resistant d├ęcor pieces, if it's an outdoor wall, and you can even create a nice nook in that area with patio furniture.