Watch Out For These Problems If You're Swapping Out Your Old Toilet For An Elongated Version

The day has come; you are determined to renovate your old bathroom. The first thing on your mind is how your new toilet is going to look; there are so many options, though. Factors like its design, height, flush volume, bowl size, and even flush type should all be considered before making the final call. The first thing you need to choose is the type of bowl you're going to use – do you want a round-front toilet or an elongated one? The main difference is the size, and an elongated toilet might be too big for your space, especially if you have a compact bathroom. 

Back in the day, all indoor toilets featured front-rounded bowls, but elongated models were later introduced to add more comfort to the bathroom experience although taking more space in the room. If you plan on changing your toilet bowl for an elongated one soon, we'll show you the main issues with these bowls and how to know if swapping your round-front seat is the best choice for a better bathroom.

Elongated bowls and the problem with them

There are many different styles of toilets and bowls, and elongated bowls are some of the most popular. The term elongated refers to the measurement from the tip of the toilet bowl to its seat bolt holes. In round-front bowls, this measures around 16.5 inches depending on the manufacturer. In elongated bowls, this measurement is usually 2 inches longer, hence the name.

The problem with elongated bowls is their size. In many cases, if you own a bathroom with a round-front bowl, swapping it for an elongated one might be a recipe for disaster. Depending on the size of your bathroom, you could end up with a door or cabinets that can only open partially, or an uncomfortably slim gap between your bowl and the wall that makes your whole bathroom feel too crowded. Additionally, elongated bowls are often more expensive than round-front bowls. On top of that, elongated toilets are often taller, meaning it could be harder for kids to get comfortable when learning how to use the toilet

When to choose an elongated toilet

On the other hand, if you have enough space, choosing an elongated bowl might enhance your design. You'll have to measure your bathroom and know precisely how much room you have in advance, to make sure everything will fit. Elongated toilet bowls are easier to clean than round-front ones and more hygienic overall — typically, men and children tend to spill more when using round-front bowls than elongated ones. Additionally, elongated bowls are easier to use for people with larger frames or physical disabilities.

Ultimately, you'll have to make a choice based on your room size and your budget. If you have less room to work with, it's perhaps better to stick to a round-front bowl and avoid issues in the future. If you're unsure if you can fit an elongated bowl in your bathroom design, ask a professional for help before buying your new toilet.