The Unique IKEA Sofa Design That Experts Can't Get Enough Of

The Söderhamn is a modern sectional sofa produced by IKEA. It is known for its contemporary design with clean lines and minimalist aesthetic, so it's no surprise that it's popular with customers and experts alike. Interior designer and co-founder of Axel Property Management Carmelo Carrasco praises it for its versatility, saying, "It has a unique design with right and left armrests that can be exchanged," (via Realtor).

One of its most notable characteristics is its modular nature. It consists of individual modules, from ottomans to armrests, that can be combined and rearranged to create different configurations, allowing users to customize it to suit the specific needs of their living spaces. Ranging from around $400 to $1,000+ based on the number of sections you get, it is one of IKEA's more affordable sofas, which makes it accessible to a wide range of people. The IKEA planning tool also makes it easy to visualize and design all the parts so they can fit your specific space.

More about the Söderhamn

The Söderhamn sofa typically includes seat cushions and back cushions that provide both comfort and support. You can also get removable and washable covers made by Bemz. They allow for easy cleaning and maintenance and come in a variety of fabric options. The legs can be swapped out too for something else if you want a different look. Overall, its versatility makes it a great piece to move with you through different homes and spaces.

The Söderhamn is a popular choice for those seeking modern and adaptable seating furniture that can be customized to fit their living space and aesthetic taste. One good alternative to this is the Neva sofa from Sixpenny. It is similar in looks and also known for comfort, but is sold whole for around $4,000. However, you can contact them to customize the size. The Harmony modular sofa sectional from West Elm is another. It is comfortable, casual, and comes in great shape.

What reviews are saying

While it's generally comfortable, buyers have noted that the cushions of this IKEA staple are thin and need to be stuffed. A solution to this is to add feather-down batting to make them thicker. Flor, the owner of the interior design blog Nordic Days, has enjoyed the sofa for a few years and says it is great for napping. She appreciates that it hasn't developed any lumps and that the covers can be washed in a washing machine. She notes, however, that the dark gray color looks bulky in the space.

Chanta of New Beginnings In Time raves about the Söderhamn's ability to add and remove sections. "Currently, I own 2 corner sections. When put together they form a large love seat and during the times that I don't have company over often, I plan to use one corner in my living room along with some secondary floor seating and one corner in the corner nook in my bedroom," she explains in her blog post.