Sectional Or Traditional? House Digest Survey Reveals The Best Sofa Style

An abundance of seating arrangements are available to accommodate different functionalities and aesthetics in your home. Pottery Barn points out that there are also many factors at play when deciding which furniture options will work best for you and your home, such as the size and functionality of your space, how durable you need the material to be, and what style and seating format will truly express your personality.

No matter if you have a large family or live alone, bringing home the perfect seating arrangement for any given space can be a pleasant experience, as long as you purchase the appropriate configurations to create a comfortable layout. To help you in your search, we recently conducted a survey to determine which styles are favored the most. We asked 627 people whether they prefer a traditional sofa, sectional, sleeper, loveseat, or chaise. One style edged out the competition with the majority of the votes.

Comfy and stylish

It was a tight race between traditional sofas and sectionals, with sectionals ultimately coming in first. Out of 627 respondents, 36% (226 people) believe sectionals are the best type of sofa style. This may be due to their versatility in size, as you can purchase a three-seat sectional for smaller spaces with minimal occupants, or a five-seat sectional for those with a larger family to accommodate, per Simplicity Sofas. They also give you a large piece of furniture that you can style with all sorts of touches to bring out your personality.

An easy way to incorporate style is by layering different types of pillows, says The Beauty Revival. Find at least four pillows in line with your décor style in different sizes; one 24-inch, two 20-22 inch, and one lumbar pillow. You can concentrate them all in the corner, and then add two or three other pillows on the opposite end of the sectional to create a balanced look. Your largest pillow should be in a neutral color, while the other pillows introduce more vibrancy and texture to add interest.

Pick the perfect sectional for your space

When choosing a sectional for your space, you'll want to ensure it's neither too big nor too small. APT 2B says a general rule of thumb is to ensure there's a minimum of 18 inches of space on both sides to accommodate side tables, as well as space to walk around freely without hitting your knee on a corner. If you're hoping to purchase a sectional with a chaise, make sure the length of the chaise takes up less than half of the room.

Sectionals come in different shapes and sizes, and so do the rooms of your home. When choosing a sectional, avoid an awkward shape that will ruin the overall balance. Take into account your windows, shelves, fireplaces, and anything else your sectional may block, as it can make your room look crowded. Those with an open floor plan may benefit the most from a sectional, as it can create delineation of space, making it easier to design around and create a balanced flow.