Whatever Happened To Beddley Duvet Covers After Shark Tank Season 11?

Duvet covers might be a more convenient option when it comes time to throw your bedding in the washing machine, but the opposite is often true once you go to make your bed. A duvet cover is essentially just a massive pillowcase, but ensuring everything stays in place, avoiding bunching, and preventing annoying twists as you try to line up the corners can be quite the struggle. On season 11 of "Shark Tank," however, Lola Ogden proposed a new solution that takes the hassle out of such a common household struggle: the Beddley Duvet Cover.

Instead of having the typical one-sided opening like most duvet covers, this product has a zipper that extends around three sides of the cover, which allows you to easily place your insert and ensure everything is lined up. With this approach, it opens up almost like a folder rather than a pillowcase, so it's significantly simpler to navigate. When Ogden presented her product on the show, the stars of "Shark Tank" agreed that it was a great solution for a common problem, but they were a bit harsher when it came to her proposed deal.

What happened to Beddley on Shark Tank?

On season 11, episode 8 of "Shark Tank," Lola Ogden demonstrated how easy her product, the Beddley, was to use. Initially, the Sharks were interested, as they agreed that this is a common household problem that is in need of a solution. While presenting, Ogden also revealed she received an MBA from Columbia University and had experience in investment banking, which showed the Sharks that she's equipped with the knowledge necessary to compete in the business world.

Unfortunately for Ogden, the issue arose when the Sharks asked about the product's sales. She was seeking $150,000 for 10% of the company, but in the past two years, she had not sold nearly enough product to prove that her idea was successful. Additionally, her products were being manufactured in the United States at the time, meaning she was paying more and earning less profit than she would have if she had decided to outsource her manufacturing. Ultimately, all of the Sharks declined her offer right off the bat, causing her to leave without any additional funding.

Beddley after Shark Tank

After her pitch on "Shark Tank," it appears Lola Ogden continued working on her product despite the Sharks' harsh shutdowns. This television appearance provided the product with some much-needed exposure, especially after Ogden admitted she hadn't done much by way of marketing, and her decision to switch from domestic to outsourced production definitely lowered the cost of making each duvet cover in the following years.

During her pitch, Ogden stated that her product was available during a limited pop-up at two Macy's stores and that she had some interest from QVC, but neither of these deals appeared to go any further after her appearance on the show. She also branched out a bit in recent years and developed a brand called GapEnder that seeks to prevent gapping between buttons in women's shirts, but it seems that she shifted her focus during the COVID-19 pandemic and hasn't returned to the idea since.

Is Beddley still in business?

Despite not receiving an offer on "Shark Tank," Beddley is still in business and actively selling products. The brand has yet to get its products into any physical stores, but its duvet covers are available for sale online. Despite the assumed reduction in production costs, the duvet covers are still selling for $129 to $279 depending on the size and specific collection, which likely means much more profit in the hands of Lola Ogden than the numbers she presented during her pitch.

Since the pitch on "Shark Tank," Beddley has also expanded to offer more duvet cover colors and designs. Now, there are three distinct collections: the White Collection, the Grace Collection, and the Classic Plus Collection. Duvet covers in each of these collections are available in twin/twin XL, queen/full, and king/California king sizes, and the company also separately sells pillow shams so you can complete your own matching set. 

What's next for Beddley?

Now that Beddley seems to be gaining momentum, appearing in outlets like Cosmopolitan and PureWow, there's no telling what's coming next for the duvet brand or the founder. Since 2020, Lola Ogden's other project, GapEnder, has been stalled, but Beddley has been increasing stock and expanding its online selection. The brand frequently releases new duvet covers with different colors and designs, so take a look at Beddley's website or Instagram to keep track of upcoming drops if you're looking for a specific color.

Despite the Sharks' bluntness and almost immediate refusal to make a deal with Ogden, the business is alive and well, and her appearance on the show ended up helping her get the word out. During her appearance, Odgen stated that she'd use the Sharks' money to work on marketing her product, but even without a deal, the customers seem to be coming to her based on the idea alone.