Are Eternity Flowers The Ideal Option If You Don't Have A Green Thumb?

Eternity flowers have risen in popularity lately, specifically in the form of rose arrangements that can last a year or more. Also referred to as everlasting roses, forever roses, infinity roses, and preserved roses, they can maintain their form and color as long as they are well taken care of. If you don't have a green thumb or struggle with keeping real plants and flowers alive, consider beautifying your space with eternity flowers instead.

The main concern with having traditional plants in the home is to keep them alive and thriving, and while fresh flowers aren't expected to live long, they always need to be switched out after about a week. When traditional plants are dying or struggling, they bring down the appearance of the space and need a lot of attention to bring them back to life. This involves finding out the root of the problem, adjusting care habits, changing their location, repotting, and other methods that require time and patience. For those that can't keep up with this, forever roses and their low-maintenance nature might be the solution.

How are eternity flowers made and maintained?

According to popular provider Venus et Fleur, eternity roses are made from real flowers picked from flower fields in various parts of the world and stripped of their colors with a non-toxic solution. They are then dehydrated so they last longer and soaked in dye to get their new, vibrant colors (via Venus et Fleur). Forever Monroe's, another eternal rose brand, says being treated with the natural preservative glycerin is what makes them last long.

Eternity roses are sure to last a year and maintain their scent for a few weeks longer than normal flowers. They don't need to be placed in any water and just need to be dusted off once in a while. To get the best out of them, keep them out of direct sunlight and avoid touching them. Even moving them from one box or vase to the other can damage them, so consider their fragility if you intend to purchase some.

How to use them

Eternity roses typically come in packages elegant enough to be placed anywhere in your home and make great gifts for the people in your life. Companies and brands offer many options for flowers, vases, and boxes while giving you the option to create a custom arrangement. You can buy bouquets, a few stems, or even a box of a single rose head. They may also produce other products like picture frames, candle sets, and decorative letters, as seen on Venus et Fleur.

Rose boxes can cost anywhere from $170 to over $800, usually based on the vase or package it comes in. Some brands also offer other types of flowers, like Venus et Fleur's new baby's breath collection. At around $190 a bunch, these warm-colored flowers in their sleek vases are especially great as centerpieces or accents for decorating your home. Other brands to consider are Ode à la Rose, Roses Only, Eternal Roses, Glam Fleur, and 1-800-Flowers.