Dress Up Your Above-Ground Pool With These Stylish Wood Features

Above-ground pools can transform a bare backyard into one full of entertainment and luxury, especially during the summer months. There's nothing better than enjoying the convenience of a backyard dip to beat those hot days, but as many homeowners know, above-ground pools aren't always the most aesthetically pleasing. If you're looking for ways to sophisticate yours, there are plenty of tricks to dress up that oasis and create an environment that's elevated and fun. One of the best ways to do so is by adding wood features.

Wood additions, such as decks and platforms, are elegant and durable choices to transform the layout and design of your swimming pool and its surrounds. Plus, it's a smart way to incorporate natural materials into your backyard and enhance the feeling of being outdoors. After incorporating a stylish wood feature or two around your pool area, you'll invite more space for lounging (hello, new deck furniture) and create the illusion of a below-ground pool without the hefty cost.

Expand your wood surface

Upgrading your above-ground pool with a wooden deck addition should include incorporating space for lounging and relaxing. Building in seating with a wooden bench not only allows for more sitting space, but also room to place pool belongings such as towels, sunscreen, floats, and toys for nearby reach. Along with building seating into your deck with wooden benches, don't forget to leave a generous amount of space beside your pool for a new furniture set or pair of lounge chairs.

Double the wood in your aesthetic by installing a wooden pergola off to the side (or center stage) that's perfect for displaying your nice new outdoor furniture. Pergolas are wooden or metal fixtures similar to a gazebo but featuring an open roof for more airflow and sunlight — though many have optional covers to shield the roof completely. This double wood highlight will elevate the overall design of your deck and pool area to create a sophisticated feel. 

Including lots of seating and space for lounging around your above-ground pool makes the space more suitable for entertaining as well. This layout keeps everyone nearby while still maintaining sections for sunning and swimming. There are also multiple ways you can play with the inclusivity of your deck: You can either keep your pool at the same level as your lounge area, or set the rim on top of your deck and build wooden steps around it to elevate your pool — literally.

Make the pool more lively

Dressing up your above-ground pool calls for plenty of lively plant decor to match your wooded vibe. Add some greenery to your pool area by placing potted plants or flowers in the corners or along the sides of your deck — or faux or real palm trees to bring a beachy feeling into play. If you've constructed a pergola, it's also a great place to hang plants and train vines.

It's been scientifically proven that increasing your plant exposure correlates with better health. Plants not only improve the air quality around you, but according to a 2007 study in Neuroscience, the soil they use can also increase your mood by giving off Mycobacterium vaccae, a bacterium in plant soil known to release serotonin in the brain.

Dress up your well-being and your outdoor space with a flower bed on the sides of the pool or below the deck, depending on the layout of your yard. Potted plants and trees are great substitutions if you don't want a flower bed, since these can be placed sporadically around the area. Incorporating these pops of greenery or color complements the solid hue of your deck stain and provides a stylish contrast to the earthy tones of the wooden planks. What better way to celebrate the outdoors and invite more life into your space?